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A moment with Mary Ann

The great hunt

December 9, 2008
by Mary Ann Menendez - Staff Writer

Common interests are what married couples enjoy in order to spend time spend together. At times the wife and the husband may enjoy the same hobby, pastime, game, movie sport or music.

However, one spouse may have a different but better way to spend time enjoying the same activity.

Case in point hunting.

My spoue and I have been Iowa residents for 16 years. Before that, the sport of "hunting and fishing" was something the men folk in my family did. But this was never a part of my husband's repertoire.

That all changed by 1992. It wasn't long before this new Iowan owned hunter orange and was licensed to track pheasant and deer all over God's little acre in Emmet County. The fun intensified when our children became thoroughly interested and both completed the Hunter Safety Course and went with Dad many times, also chasing pheasant and deer.

There were occasions, I do believe, my spouse actually enjoyed walking the miles it takes to get into a position to take aim. This was cause for humor at our house because he refuses to go for walks with me.

Anyway, we both like to hunt. Like I said he is the outdoorsman through and through, and while he has never said so verbally, I somehow get the feeling he finds fault in my way of hunting. I cannot figure out why.

On the day of the great hunt, nothing can stop him. He goes out in all kinds of weather to chase his game. It can be cloudy, sunny, windy, snowing, raining, sleeting and/or icy. Sometimes there's a mixed bag of precipitation on the day of the big hunt. As he leaves the house, I say, "Have fun. Don't get shot and don't you dare get sick."

I too go out in that same kind of weather and have walked miles and miles for my great big hunt. Perhaps it is because I do all of my hunting indoors. I always stay dry. Blood never hits the ground or leaves a trail. Nothing has to die and the best part is I can accomplish all of my hunting without a license, a weapon or that strong splash of orange apparel.

If you haven't figured it out yet, here it is. I "hunt" for bargains here in Estherville and beyond. My only needs include a car in good running order to get me to stores/shopping malls plus the three Cs and a D.

Three Cs and a D, you ask. Why, they are my type of ammo cash, checkbook, credit cards and debit card.

While he got a doe this weekend, my good friend Ann and I also "bagged" many hunted items and took care of lots of Christmas gifts and other necessities.

Do you remember the old saying that begins "What's good for the goose ?" Just imagine how my joy will increase if my sportsman spouse decides to take up rabbit, goose, duck and bear hunting!



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