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Letter to the Editor

Were you listening?

September 30, 2010
Estherville News

To the EDN:

Now that the "Koran Burning Week" ( KBW ) is past history, I think it is time for the epilogue and some much needed critical thinking as to what really happened. This was such a big event on the world scene, even our own Estherville Daily News did the obligatory editorial condemning the Florida pastor's announced intention to burn a pile of Korans on that weekend. EDN joined other media from around the world and jumped on the "politically correct bandwagon" in criticizing the easy target.a pastor of a congregation of 50 people in Florida. The really sad part of the Koran Burning Week was that virtually no one listened to what the Florida pastor was really trying to say and communicate. News anchors called him a bigot, intolerant and all the usual other drivel that comes from the politically correct left.

Let's examine the rest of the story. Many questions need to be asked and answered. How many Korans were burned by the Florida pastor that dreaded weekend? How many Christian Bibles were burned by angry Muslims around the world in the KB week? How many American flags were burned by angry Muslims that week? How many angry Americans marched on the streets of the US and shouted "Death to Muslims"? How many angry Muslims marched on the streets of the world and shouted "Death to Americans"?

I think the Florida pastor, whether he planned it or not, did a great service for every citizen of the US in calling attention to the religion of Islam. ( Was this really the hand of God? ) All you heard was, he was going to burn a pile of the Muslim holy books. Were you really listening? Did you critically observe the worldwide events of KB week?

The Florida pastor did not burn any Korans. Christian Bibles and American flags were burned around the world. I don't know of any "Death to Muslims" demonstrations in the US during that week. There were Muslim "Death to Americans" marches around the world. GeeI wonder what conclusions a critically thinking US citizen can draw from the above facts? One of my favorite phrases ever since I heard it during the 2005 Katrina Hurricane week was "Lets not get stuck on stupid here". Enough said.

It is just a matter of time until we will read in the EDN about some Muslim speaker who has appeared before one of the several Estherville service clubs extolling the "Peaceful Religion of Islam". Parents for many years have told their children "don't do as I do, do as I say". Should we believe what someone says and ignore what they do? Ignore what we see around the world?

Since 911, all the politicians including both Presidents Bush and Obama have been very careful to say. "we are not at war with Islam, we are at war with Radical Islamic Terrorists". Politicians can and do say a whole lot of things that we all understand is just plain "political drivel." Its up to you and I as ordinary citizens to sort out the political rhetoric, statements from Islamic leaders and compare it with the headlines we see on a daily basis around the world.

Permit me to help you get started at looking at Islam with a critical eye. Is there religious freedom in any Moslem/ Islamic country? Is Islam tolerant of other religions? Any Lutheran churches in the city of Mecca? What is the role of women in Islamic society? Do you know what Islamic Honor Killings are? Are there ANY "free" Islamic countries in the world?

Islam is a Peaceful religion? If you had listened to the Florida pastor, instead of been so busy throwing verbal rocks at the poor guy, you may have heard some answers to the above.

What do I think? I don't think, I know. However, if I told you , that would make me a "bigot". Oh yea, one final question. Is being called a "bigot" when questioning what Islam really is, a good thing or a bad thing? Think carefully, your life may depend upon it

Larry Loeschen,



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