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Vote responsibly on Tuesday, Nov. 2

October 16, 2010
Estherville News

To the EDN:

The mid-term election will soon be here. A lot has changed since the 2008 general election. Pres. Obama has given us socialized medicine and healthcare. Obama appoints over 3 dozen "czars" to his administration to avoid congressional approval. We now own two major car manufacturers along with several banking institutions. We were told the first stimulus package was to keep the banks to large to fail from failing. Then we gave more money to help create jobs and stimulate the economy. Deceased people and prison inmates got checks. Small business people, who create more jobs than any other industry, got zilch. So along comes Nancy Pelosi with the solution. She thinks the best way to stimulate the economy is to put more people on welfare and food stamps! Apparently Obama agrees. In April of this year, he signed a law, that if you make 200 percent above the poverty limit, you qualify for welfare benefits. I wonder who pays that tab? Harry Reid introduces legislation to make all illegal aliens citizens if they serve 2 years in the military or attend the college of their choice. Guess who needs votes! The U.S. Postal Service is $7 billion in debt. This year along we will subsidize Amtrak to the tune of $1 billion. It just goes on and on and on.

Then we get to the home front. We recently held a special election to extend the tax base for ILCC. According to, ILCC received over $1.1 million in stimulus money, but they need more. We build a new school for Estherville students because the old building is unsafe. Between the city council, school board, architect, and the builder, no one realizes there is no lunchroom in the plans? In the meantime the old school will remain open, although it is unsafe. Ah, but what better way to bring in phase 3 of the new school! Just stop and think how much that tax increase will be. And the new building came in how much above budget? ELC got $970,568 in grant money from the stimulus package. What was that money used for? What about the city you ask? Well, all city employees got a nice raise. The city buys a new garbage truck, and a new pickup for the employees to ride around in. I was under the impression we employed mechanics to work on city equipment, yet the local dealerships and repair shops have been seen working on city owned vehicle. Even dealers in Spirit Lake have had Estherville city trucks in their shops. Why?

I'll leave the county alone this round. They already know how I feel about their hijinks. A good friend has a great analogy about government: If you have a bucket of dirty water and every 2-4 years you take out 6 to 8 drops of dirty water and put in 6 to 8 drops of clean water, what do you have? A bucket of dirty water! If you want clean water, you have to empty and clean the bucket. Then refill with clean water. In my opinion, the time has come to empty and clean the bucket. Guess there's just no fix to stupid, so please vote responsibly on Nov. 2.

Now let's see; I'm $3,000 in debt, so if I borrow $50,000 to pay off the $3,000 I should have enough left to buy a new car! But wait, I'm part owner of two car companies, I think I'll buy a ticket on Amtrak to Detroit and pick out the vehicle of my choice, then got to the bank, in which I'm part owner, and write my own loan. When I get back, I'll get in line for welfare and food stamps so I can help stimulate the economy.

Maury Tieszen,




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