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Proposed trucking rules will have negative impact

February 3, 2011
Estherville News

To the EDN:

The folks in Washington are once again challenging our industry. Right before Christmas, the US Department of Transportation proposed dramatic changes to the hours of service rules for truck drivers. Upon review of these rules, I believe that these changes will have a devastating impact on the industry as a whole, including Holiday Express, a major employer here in Estherville and Emmet County.

There are number of changes in these new proposed rules that are not acceptable and I am urging you to consider helping the trucking industry to join in this campaign to defeat passage of these new rules. The trucking industry employs millions of people and we are a powerful voice. The shear number of people that work in this industry is a statement in itself and now is the time that we all must step up and be heard.

The new proposed rules are complex, restrictive and unnecessary given the fact that the trucking industry has consistently been operating at a safer level for the past several years. In fact we have the safest highways since the inception of the hours of service rules dating back to the late 1930s. The new rules are cumbersome and will reduce productivity at all levels AND MORE THAN LIKELY will have an adverse safety consequence for the industry and the motoring public.

Some other negative effects of these newly proposed rules are: 1, the economy-We are still trying to recover, but the new rules will hamper our ability to do so. We will have less capacity to haul freight and eventually this will hit the consumer as prices will go up for the goods that we use. 2, Congestion issues. The highways are full of vehicles now, but new rules will demand more trucks on the road-causing more stress on our roadways and great risks of crashes. "3, Driver s will see a reduction in their pay-reduced earning time. For more valuable information on these proposed rules and additional regulatory information, you can go to this website: This is a website created by the American Trucking Association.

I am asking you for a CALL TO ACTION! The goal is to flood the FMSCSA with comments, objecting to these newly proposed rules. If everyone who has a concern or everyone who is employed by the trucking industry voices his/her opinion this will lead to millions of comments, sending a clear message of disapproval to the Obama Administration and the US Department of Transportation.

Take action, make a submission-All letters must be received to the FMCSA by FEBRUARY 28, 2011; therefore time is of the essence. To file written comments, you can write to:

Mrs. Anne Ferro, Administrator


ATTN: Hours of Service of Driver

Docket #FMCSA-2004-19608

1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE

Washington, DC 20590-0001

Or you can fax your comments to 202-493-2251, just be sure to refer to the above noted docket number.

If you wish to file your comments electronically, you can do that as well. Please contact me directly at Holiday Express for instructions.

Sheila Schichtl, CDS

Holiday Express Corp.

Estherville, Iowa



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