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What constitutes a rental property

March 1, 2011
Estherville News

To the EDN:

RENTAL - the act of paying for the use of something (as an apartment or house or car)

As the City of Estherville's code enforcement officer defines it. You own property you do not live in it.

It could be rental so must be registered.

I recently received a threat letter from the city offices as I am sure others have in town of being fined $100 a day for not registering rental property per code section 234-6.

Now I do own properties in Estherville that I do not live in, (my family does) when trying to explain this to said offices I was told well it doesn't matter if you collect rent or not it COULD BE. So in my way of looking at that definition, if you move your parents to a retirement home and you live in the house to take care of it, the house must be now classified as RENTAL PROPERTY and must be registered or face an imposing fine of $100 a day.

So grandparents that go south for the winter you're not exempt if your grandson or daughter moves in with you to go to collage, even though you receive no monetary return for your kindness you COULD BE rental property. And thus must abide by the rental standards that the city console are trying to imagine and enforce.

Most all houses in Estherville according to tax records are considered single family residents, except for the noted condos, retirement homes, apartment buildings, etc. Is this just an attempt by the city administrators to inject their standards on all the people? Sure there are land lords that abuse the system putting 4 -5 or more collage students in a single family dwelling, charging them $200 or more a head as well as put multi families in a single family dwellings.

If you're going to come out with a code to enforce the industry you should look into defining that industry first.

I have properties my sons and daughters live in them, there is no act of paying, no monetary exchange, they are my children and I think everybody knows in most cases they are a monetary drain.

I suggest the city council get the definitions and think about their actions before trying to retrofit building codes to every home, for as it is now every home COULD BE rental property

I have a cemetery plot that I do not currently occupy I guess that could be rental property too. Should I put that my registration form also???

Wayne Chrestiansen, Estherville



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