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Tuttle Lake Day a wonderful event

June 25, 2012
Estherville Daily News

It didn't take that much of an imagination, and if you went to Tuttle Lake Day Saturday, you could almost hear and see it.

Kids playing. Folks chatting. The auctioneer auctioning. And then there was the duck race, of course. And it was all a part of a day that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

But to truly enjoy it, one only had to sit back and imagine. Lovers in a boat, the man wearing a straw boater and rowing, the woman with a parasol, shunting away the summer sun.

Kids rolling a hoop with sticks, or running a three-legged sack race. Playing duck, duck goose the way their grandparents did it. Or great-grandparents. Or great-great-grandparents.

Doll clothes and crafts. We don't make them to make money (of course not!) but to share the joy of our creations with others. From Arachne and Athena to Frigg and until now, people have created crafts, the magic in the creation itself.

A barbecue, succulent with smoke that roiled the aromas of yesterday into today.

And fishing. A child bucking up the courage to put a worm on a hook (yuck!) then reeling in a fish (yay!).

The real importance of days like Tuttle Lake Day, of course, is its unstated importance. A way of putting the children of today in touch with the children of the past, of the joys and thrills of yesterday that are just as important today.

And, if for no other reason, that's reason enough to have such a day.



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