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Today is Love Litigating Lawyers Day

August 30, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Today is Love Litigating Lawyers Day, a day set aside to fondly honor the attorneys who make our lives so much more interesting.

Remember that sponge left inside you from your last hernia surgery? Well you can bet if it wasn't for that attorney chasing after the ambulance, briefcase in hand, jumping fire hydrants like an athlete at the London Olympics, you wouldn't have ended up with that nice, fat settlement to go buy that place on West Okoboji you've always wanted. So what if you walk with a slight limp. All you have to do is walk out to the end of your dock and enjoy that glorious settlement in your $400,000 cabin as you look wistfully across the bay at your lawyer's $4 million mansion.

Our how about that slip in the ice Aunt Mathilda had a couple winters ago. Zip, flip, splat. Brains all over the curb. Not that Aunt Mathilda had any brains to begin with, but at least her lawyer had the litigious fortitude to go after that @#!$$$ store owner and get punitive damages up the yin yang for the surviving relatives - including you.

And how about that car accident when your kid was racing down the sidewalk and schmucked into the side of that Vette. Even though it was your kid's fault, the other guy's insurance company didn't want to fight it. Can you imagine the headline? RICH CORVETTE OWNER'S INSURANCE COMPANY SUES BICYCLIST? Bad PR. Very bad PR. So they settled out of court, and very handsomely we might add.

Ah, yes. Litigating lawyers. What isn't there to love about them.

Unless you're on the losing side, of course.

Voting in nursing homes

It's been pointed out to us that the Emmet County Auditor's Office sends certified election officials in the county. We said in an editorial Wednesday that would be a good idea.

Well, they're already doing it. And that's a great idea.



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