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Time to look out for pedestrians, traffic

September 3, 2012
Estherville Daily News

While summer isn't officially over until September, a lot of folks consider the end of the Labor Day weekend as the end of summer. And in a way it is, with the kids all back in school and everyone winding up summertime activities.

Maybe this is a good time, then, to remind ourselves of some of those fall things we may have forgotten.

First of all, the kids are back in school. And that means taking extra precautions at crosswalks and intersections near schools. While there are crossing guards at key intersections near schools, Most intersections school children use don't have crossing guards, so that means we all need to be alert and aware of where children might be crossing the street at all times.

And often it isn't even at the intersections. It might be in the middle of the street. So, please, Keep a sharp eye out for kids.

The same goes for farm machinery. Oh, that won't be until October, you might not tell yourself. Well, actually no. With the drought and corn drying sooner than usual, you can probably look for most farmers combining their corn this month. That means tractors wagons and combines will all be out on the roads a lot sooner than usual. You can bet, too, that it probably won't be daylight when a lot of them out, so that means we all need to made sure we approach hills and curves at such speeds that we can slow down quickly for a tractor going, say, 20 miles an hour.

Another thing to look out for is school buses, especially early mornings when they're picking up kids. Iowa law says you have to stop for a school bus stopped from either direction. So stop. It could prevent an awful tragedy.

Just a little common sense and common courtesy can help us all get through this busy time. It just takes a little patience and leaving for work maybe a few minutes earlier than usual.

So enjoy the fall colors, and stay safe.

Congratulations Graettinger

For most people, Labor Day is a three-day celebration-and part vacation.

For the volunteers who run the Graettinger Labor Day Celebration, it means three days of work to make sure everything runs smoothly and all have a good time.

Congratulations to the small town for completing another successful event for the 116th time.



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