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Put the thanks into Thanksgiving

November 19, 2012
Estherville Daily News

In a world where many of us continually want things, perhaps this Thanksgiving would be a good time to give thanks for the things we already have.

First of all, we in America have a society where all people are free to achieve their destiny. And if it doesn't seem that way at times, we have elections where we can go and change the leaders who make the rules. While in many countries they have coups, we have a far more civilized (though the TV ads may not sound like it) way of handling our differences.

Ours is a country where any person with a clear mind and two good hands can become a millionaire. It's happened many, many times and it will continue to happen many times more.

We have a society where God is still held sacred, where grace is still said over just about every Thanksgiving dinner in the country. Granted, for some families, it might be the only time of the year grace is said, but Thanksgiving is the day when you will hear it over nearly every dining table in America.

We have brave men and women who daily lay their lives on the line for our country. They are the finest military force in the world, and if you don't believe it, just ask those who have challenged us.

Right here in Iowa, we are the breadbasket of the world. Each farmer feeds 122 people. Never has that happened before in history.

Life is valued here. To see that, just think of the care children receive in our country and compare that with the car they receive in most other nations.

We care for our elderly, too. The strides we have made in elder care in just the past 20 years are enormous. And they will continue to improve.

Ours is the best medical system in the world. Every day, miracles happen. People who a few, brief decades ago would have not had a chance now continue to live long and happy lives.

Our bounty overflows to the point that we help others. Even if some country slaps us, we turn the other cheek and continue to help them.

No, things aren't perfect. But we do need to remember that, on this earth, they just don't get any better.



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