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Riverview bridge now open

December 11, 2012
Estherville Daily News

Another chapter in the annals of the etymology of place names was opened last week as the Riverview

Bridge was opened to the public.

For those who have just recently arrived in our fair environs, this may deserve some explanation.

Emmet County has a habit of neologizing things after people and places that no longer exist - in this case it's the Riverview Bridge located about a quarter-mile west of the former Riverview Golf Course.

This isn't the first time this has happened in Emmet County. There was a bridge named the Tom Jerry Bridge on County N26 north of Estherville that was replaced a few years ago. Now that what was known as the Tom and Jerry Bridge has been replaced, folks just don't seem to know what to call it. The Son of the Tom and Jerry Bridge? The New Tom and Jerry Bridge? The New Bridge? Anyway, it's the bridge that replaced the former Tom and Jerry Bridge, and the reason it was named that seems already fogged by the mists of time.

And then there's Hartman's Corner. It was a long time ago it was named that. Located at the intersection of Highway 9 and County N32, it was a candle factory for a number of years - after it had been Hartman's Corner, of course. And now that the candle factory is no longer there it still keeps the name Hartman's Corner. Hartman must have been quite a guy, huh?

Anyway, the Riverview Bridge name seems to be sticking. Maybe since there's already a bridge nearby by that name, someone will think it's a good idea to buy the former golf course (the buildings are still there) and name it Riverview Golf Course again and open it up. After all, if there's a bridge there by that name, that would be a pretty good idea, wouldn't it?

No doubt, Tom and Jerry and Hartman would agree.



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