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Seizing cell phones good way to discourage bullying

April 5, 2013
Estherville Daily News

A presentation by Mike Donahue at the Family Resource and Reading Fair Thursday night likely hit home for a lot of parents and kids.

Donahue said that thanks to technology, bullying is getting even worse in our schools. Cyber bullying has in fact taken bullying to an entire different level. After listening to Donahue's presentation in the Estherville Lincoln Central High School library, you came away with the idea that bullying has reached epidemic proportions.

One good solution might be for school officials to confiscate cell phones from students who participate in cyber bullying. Having cell phones in school should be a privilege - not a right - and it should be a privilege kids have to earn. Bullying others online would be a great way to lose that privilege. And parents should be required to come to school and have a nice, long visit in the principal's office if they want their child's cell phone back.

This policy would be in the school's best interest. It would be a way to prevent lawsuits which could easily result from cyber bullying.

And what about physical bullying?

Free time in the weight room who for any kid who wants it - along with free boxing lessons - would be a great equalizer for bullies. Nothing stops a bully faster than a good poke in the nose, and if bullies found other kids were more than willing - and able - to defend themselves, bullying would stop pretty quickly.

It's a solution that's worked for years.

And it still works pretty darned well.



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