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Rotary ditch pickup shows community pride and involvement

May 23, 2013
Estherville Daily News

Estherville Rotarians hit the road - or maybe the ditches would be more accurate - when they cleaned up the road ditches along Highway 9 eastward from the city limits Thursday.

It was a nice day to do it - no rain for once, and nice, cool temperatures that made the job actually enjoyable. Actually, it was sort of fun.

What's sad, though, is that groups like Rotary have to get out and pick up our highways because of litterbugs - those who have a total disregard for Iowa's beauty and environment.

What's sad, too, is that there's no early reason for littering.

If everyone carried a trash bag in his or her vehicle, there would be absolutely no littering at all whatsoever. There's nothing more disgusting than having someone toss a cigarette out his window so it bounces right back at you. Or how about when people toss something out the window and it flies onto your windshield. It's not only disgusting. It's downright dangerous.

Part of the problem is Iowa's low fines for littering. If litterbugs have ever been to Arkansas or Oregon, then they might have a clue as to how cheap it is to litter in Iowa.

That's why a lot of surrounding states don't have the litter that Iowa does. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, littering carries a hefty fine - and it should.

Fortunately, we have groups like Rotary that can pick up the slack.

For more information about Iowa's Adopt a Highway Program, see:



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