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Peterson Point is worthy of our attention

June 6, 2013
Estherville Daily News

The Emmet County Conservation Board Thursday gave director Eric Anderson the go-ahead to secure outbuildings at the historic site - because they're in disrepair and the board was concerned about anyone who might enter them.

And that's tragic.

The barn at Peterson Point was built shortly after the Civil War, making it one of the oldest if not the oldest woodframe structure in Emmet County. Some of the other buildings are just about as old.

The area is replete with history. For decades, people found artifacts throughout the area and Native Americans were observed camping near the point within living memory. The first cabin in Emmet County was built just north down the road.

Money, of course, is the problem.

Peterson Point is indeed worth saving. In a way, it's both the starting point and the ending point of Emmet County's pioneer history.

It would be nice to see support for restoring Peterson Point to its previous condition. That would likely involve totally dismantling the barn and quite virtually rebuilding it from the ground up.

Hopefully, a groundswell of support for this important project will come - and hopefully before it's too late.

There was strong support for the Nature Center which will be paid off June 11. Maybe someone can pick up the banner for restoring Peterson Point just down the road.

After all, it's not only our history. It's our heritage.



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