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Rep. Steve King holds roundtable at ILEC

Area business people, officials meet with Congressman

August 9, 2013
By David Swartz - Managing Editor , Estherville News

Fourth District Congressman Steve King visited Estherville Monday and held a roundtable discussion with local officials and business people.

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative hosted the discussion.

King began by discussing how the Environmental Protection Act and Clean Air Act can affect energy prices.

The biggest concern is the regulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

King disagrees with those who say man-made carbon dioxide emissions are affecting the earth's atmosphere.

King said there is a measurable amount of atmosphere. In an 8-foot circle representing the entire atmosphere, a .56-inch circle within it represented the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

King said every human civilization that can bee studied has tried to change the weather-from rain dances to Aztec sacrifices of people.

Meanwhile, over the last 15 years, world temperatures have been stable.

King said the scientists' research is driven by billions of dollars for that research.

In a roundtable discussion following King's open remarks, he was asked about the keystone pipeline, the farm bill, the Senate "Gang of Eight" and the IRS.

Concerning the farm bill, King said party leadership wants to separate food stamps from the farm bill.

Emmet County producer Jim Boyer said farmers don't want a handout, but a safety net for disasters and the nation's food supply.

King said while the leadership wants to keep food stamps separate from the farm bill, he'd like to see both pieces of legislation sunset at the same time, so Congress can consider recombining them for the next farm bill.

If Congress cannot get a farm bill passed boy its deadline, they might put a 60- or 90-day extension on the status quo to keep the pressure on legislatures to get a new farm bill completed.

In talking about the IRS targeting tea party members and other conservatives, King noted that the government now has several means of surveillance and to him, that the IRS has targeted tea-party groups by holding up their non-profit status is "chilling that we have this going on."

Another questioner asked about Obamacare and noted that there are GOP legislators who want to repeal it, defund it or "let it explode on the Democrats."

King said he is for a full repeal.

Asked if he know what will happen with Obamacare, King said it may be 3-to-5 years until there can be an predictability.

Another questioner said he was neither for nor against Obamacare, but asked why the Republicans didn't offer a better solution.

King said one congressman, now retired, said he had wished he had pushed even hard to allow insurance companies sell insurance across state lines.

King said there are two views concerning health care-one is to socialize medicine and the other is to allow competition to keep prices down.



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