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Honoring our heroes this Monday

November 8, 2013
Estherville News

Monday, Nov. 11 Veteran's Day has been chosen as the day to honor all of America's heroes that have given part of their life to help ensure that we can enjoy the privileges that we often take for granted as citizens of the United States. Everyone who that has served is a hero.

The smallest of the sacrifices made by these individuals is giving a part of their life to serving our country. Many have come back with injuries of some kind and a few have given the ultimate sacrifice of the their lives.

The staff of the Estherville News would like to take this time to thank and honor all the brave men and women that have served in the military to protect and ensure the rights that we have as US citizens.

This truly is a great country to live in and we need to remember to honor the men and women who fight to protect our way of life. We also need to be thankful for the great way of life that they have fought to give us.

Our area of the world is rich with individuals that have served in the military and we have many great heroes.

Watch for next week's special section "Heroes" that will have stories of some of the individuals that have served us proudly. This edition will have stories of our local heroes. It will also have photos of many of the individuals who have served.


Thorson honored Armstrong, Iowa, America

A war memorial now stands in Armstrong City Park honoring Private John Thorson who gave his life to save his fellow soldiers in the Pacific Theatre in 1944. Thorson posthumously received the Medal of Honor, the highest award for valor that a soldier can receive.

Since Veterans Day is Monday, we believe this is an appropriate time to remember Thorson's sacrifice.

Official citation for Private John Thorson, recipient of the Medal of Honor

He was an automatic rifleman on 29 October 1944, in the attack on Dagami, Leyte, Philippine Islands. A heavily fortified enemy position consisting of pillboxes and supporting trenches held up the advance of his company. His platoon was ordered to out-flank and neutralize the strong point. Voluntarily moving well out in front of his group, Pvt. Thorson came upon an enemy fire trench defended by several hostile riflemen and disregarding the intense fire directed at him, attacked singlehanded. He was seriously wounded and fell about six yards from the trench. Just as the remaining 20 members of the platoon reached him, one of the enemy threw a grenade into their midst. Shouting a warning and making a final effort, Pvt. Thorson rolled onto the grenade and smothered the explosion with his body. He was instantly killed, but his magnificent courage and supreme self-sacrifice prevented the injury and possible death of his comrades, and remains with them as a lasting inspiration.



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