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Your vote counts

October 31, 2014
Estherville News

So why should I vote. My vote doesn't county anyway.

Does that sound familiar? Well, it's totally false.

The 2000 Presidential election was determined by the slimmest of margins, with George Bush defeating Al Gore by 537 votes in Florida, taking that state's 25 electoral votes and the Presidency. That's out of a total of 6 million votes cast in the election.

And how many people stayed away from the polls that day, thinking their vote wouldn't count?

Yes, your vote does count - and immensely - particularly under the Electoral College system in which each state casts all its electoral votes for the winning candidate, regardless of the margin by which a candidate won a particular state.

Next Tuesday, you will be asked to determine the future of Emmet County, Iowa and the nation. Your vote is essential to the democratic process. Without your vote, that process will act as a machine without all its parts. With everyone's vote, the machine will have all its parts running, and the outcome will be a true reflection of how our nation wishes to be governed.

And that's exactly why we have a government. We elect representatives who govern us. Representatives who help defend us from our enemies and protect our air and water. Representatives who work with other representatives to make a government that is truly representative of all the people.

So when you're sitting there, deciding whether you should go vote, or if you're making excuses of why you shouldn't vote, think again. And instead think of why you should vote.

And then vote.



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