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Gay Marriage

July 19, 2015
Estherville News

The Supreme Court has now made Gay Marriage (GM)the law of the land. What does this all mean? Further proof of Global Warming? The Inmates are now in charge of the asylum? Should we blame it on the Confederate flag which has flown for the past 150+ years?

One thing we all now know for sure is the GL lobby and their allies in the mainstream media and Hollywood are a very powerful influence in the reshaping of American moral values and politically correct thinking. Indeed, the polls now show over 60% of Americans approve of GM. Just a short generation ago, the thought of GM as becoming the law of the land would have been unthinkable to our parents and grandparents generation.

Historically, society and the Church has considered the practice of homosexuality as immoral and "a sin". I don't think the Supreme Court considered the moral side of GM issue, they just ruled that GM was a civil rights issue.

How did we get to where we are today here in America? When you consider only 25%of Americans are in church on any given Sunday, it is a logical conclusion that our populace has lost its collective moral compass. Also take into account many of our mainline churches have embraced what God clearly calls sin (homosexuality)in the Bible and even have went so far as to ordain openly gay & lesbian pastors.

A significant factor that has "greased the skids" for the acceptance of GM is our increasingly passive "politically correct" culture. In our schools, sports teams, corporate world and social world, individual thought and critical thinking is frowned upon and not encouraged. You think and do what the herd does or you can not be part of the herd.

Most businessmen, politicians and the like do not "speak up" on moral issues as "it would be bad for business." You will never publically hear your banker, realtor, educator, insurance agent or local shopkeeper address moral issues on either side of the fence. Who said "the hottest places in hell will be reserved for those who in a great moral crisis choose to remain neutral? Sadly, our moral values vacuum has been filled by the radical left segment of our society.

What this recent Supreme Court ruling means for our country still remains to be seen. It is my understanding that calling homosexuality and GM morally wrong in Canada is considered "hate speech" and punishable by the law in our neighbor to the North. Will our few courageous Pastors who are bold enough to preach from Bible be jailed for "hate speech" after a Sunday morning sermon?

As a committed Christian, you are commanded to speak the truth in love to the lost. You must identify and call homosexuality & gay marriage for what the Bible says it is...SIN. (Don't blame me,I did not write the book, your beef is with author.)

A further point of clarification, as I know many in the GL community and their supporters think that Christians hate them. In over 40 years as a Christian, I have never heard a fellow Christian say he hates Gays! However, I have come to understand the "hate issue" as expressed by those in the GL population is more of a defense argument when you cannot win the moral argument.

In conclusion, if you want to know how this current GM controversy ends? The book of Psalms can be found in the Bible. Read Chapter One and you will have your answer.

As always, I never insist anyone agree with me. I just ask you to consider and think about what I have stated in this letter to the editor.

Larry Loeschen




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