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Trivia Day opportunity missed

January 6, 2016
Amy H. Peterson - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

Here's a bit of trivia for you: Monday was Trivia Day (apparently international). We missed it. I really enjoy fun facts and trivia games. In fact, for my 27th birthday, way back before the turn of the century, I invited all my friends to join us down at the pizza place that had trivia nights to play trivia and enjoy a slice of pizza.

No one showed.

I mean, no one.

I started playing along with others at this bar/pizza place, and it was kind of fun, but I was really looking forward to matching wits and memory brain cells with my friends.

I asked what the deal was, thinking I simply hadn't realized the big 2-7 had conflicted with some major local event. There was much evading, nervousness, changing of the subject, when finally one of them admitted, "Look. No one wants to play trivia games with you because you're a massive storehouse of useless information."

Who are you calling massive?

The magazine Mental Floss gave fantastic facts I had never known for National Trivia Day.

A reporter asked Mary Todd Lincoln if Abraham had any hobbies. Her answer: "Cats."

Before settling on the seven dwarves we know today for his movie, Walt Disney mulled over Burpy, Awful, Chesty, Deafy, Hickey, Wheezy and Tubby. I think that would have been

The 3 Musketeers Bar used to be a Neapolitan affair, including three small bars of one vanilla, one chocolate, and one strawberry.

Lincoln Logs were invented, no, not by cat-lover Lincoln above, but by architect Frank Lloyd Wright's son.

Bill Rassmussen, founder of ESPN, originally just wanted to put on a Connecticut sports show featuring Hartford Whalers highlights.

Singer Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas was a child star and we didn't even know it. She was the voice of Charlie Brown's sister Sally in the cartoons from the '80s.

Forty is fabulous. It's also the only number written out with its letters in alphabetical order.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, widow of the President and the shipping billionaire, worked as an editor of books, and was the editor of Michael Jackson's memoir, Moonwalk.

A baby can cost his or her parents 750 hours of sleep every year. If you're in that boat right now with a little one born in 2015, don't forget to submit a photo and information to us for our Babies on Parade feature.

In 1958, Larry King crashed into then-senator John F. Kennedy's car. Kennedy said he would forget the whole thing as long as King voted for him when he ran for President.

So, off we go, armed with fun facts to work into conversation with the people we encounter. I think that's the beauty of trivia. You don't have to be like Cliff Clavin from the '80s TV show "Cheers," and drop these facts as unexpected and unrelated bombshells, but having a store of trivia can help spark new realms of conversation, especially with someone you have just met.



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