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Each love story is unique

February 17, 2016
Amber Hovey - Staff Writer ( , Estherville News

Last week, I interviewed five couples for a Valentine's Day story. Each couple, while they shared some common qualities, had a different kind of love. I enjoyed the interview immensely and found something to learn from each couple.

We are searching for love and we all find it in different ways. When we do find, it more than likely is not the love you imagined nor is it the same as your parents' or best friend's love. Talking with the couples, I took note of how they interacted and how they communicated, whether it was to me to me or to each other. In a couple, the woman would did most the talking, while in others there seem to be a balance of the man and woman talking. However, in each one, the partners seem to compliment each other's behavior.

This may come from years of being together. As we grow with someone, it seems as if we outgrow being an individual and grow into a couple. You no longer know how to live without that person and without them, you seem to be missing a piece of what makes you, you.

My favorite part of speaking with the couples is hearing their love story. None were like the movies where the man sweeps the woman off her feet and whisks her away to a romantic place, however, each story told the unique love of a couple. As they told their stories, you watched as smiles kept across their faces. Stories of love at first sight or having a different significant other at the time of their meeting and first meetings at the Estherville skating rink or on a choir bus tour or at a party.

What all the couples had in common is a small wedding and simple honeymoon. Most of the weddings were at parents' homes and most of the honeymoons were to places not so far away such as Okoboji or Jackson. And all involved proposals that were simple.

Different from many of the honeymoons and weddings of today, yet here is each couple 50 plus years later, still together and still in love. Of course, each couple had their ups and downs in life as everyone does, but rather than giving up, they worked at their relationship. For them, divorce had never occurred to them.

While I believe in certain situations divorce may be the answer, these couples are an example of the love that can grow when two people put forth effort in a relationship.



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