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Pack Away Hunger receives boost from Food Bank of Iowa

By Staff | Oct 9, 2016

Sara Ussery of the Pack Away Hunger program at Estherville Lincoln?Central, said a Thursday drop shipment of food will change the way meals are distributed to kids in need.

The Food Bank of Iowa has partnered with Pack Away Hunger to provide prepared packs of food to place in lockers of approximately 50 kids from the school.

“It’s a great deal for us,”?Ussery said.

The program is grateful to the churches, service groups and individuals who have donated money and food to the program.

“It took a lot of time on our part to make sure there was enough food week after week,”?Ussery said, “and to make sure it was distributed at the school.”?

Ussery said the work was worth it.

“This will free up all the time and donations that went into it for other programs,”?Ussery said.

The Food Bank of Iowa shipped enough food to cover over 200 meals. “They will cover our current need; if our need goes up, we can contact them and they will send us more,”?Ussery said.

The packs from the Food Bank of Iowa vary each week, but contain a variety of items such as pop-top meals or soup, 100 percent juice, single-serve cereal, fruit cups, sunbutter (made with sunflower seeds), shelf-stable 2 percent milk, pudding cups and snacks.

Pack Away Hunger was started early in 2014 by Ussury and Jolene Nichols to provide weekend meals to ELC?elementary children in need.