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Estherville P&R board discusses next five years – Eyes items for capital improvement budget

By Staff | Dec 11, 2007

ESTHERVILLE–Members of the Estherville Parks and Recreation Board zeroed in on an amount of $51,000 as their request for the 2008-09 capital improvement budget.

Parks and rec director Dave Spurgin noted the board has abided by the five-year plan and has targeted 12 priorities in recent years, including tennis courts, rest rooms, Sanborn Shelter, development of a loop trail system, playground upgrades, tree planting and river access. They have also addressed the role of the outdoor municipal pool in that time frame.

“We hit all 12 priorities,” he said. “That’s a good thing. Now it is time to do it all again.”

The board discussed in depth trail development, tennis courts (both the new courts and Riverside) and the addition of deck chairs and loungers at the swimming pool.

It was noted the tennis courts near the river need some resurfacing attention which carries a price tag in the $10,000-$15,000 range. The construction of the four new tennis courts on the sports complex cost about $141,000 when completed over two years ago.

Spurgin said tennis court resurfacing does buy time but the cracks reappear almost immediately. He noted the big problem is when the water table rises underneath the courts.

However, lighting has not been installed at the newer courts so Riverside courts have the advantage in that respect.

Turning to the pool, Spurgin said 10 chairs and four loungers were purchased with $1,500 this past summer. He hopes to purchase $2,000 worth of chairs/loungers after July 1, 2008.

A portion of discussion was geared toward the question of establishing a campsite/dump station within city limits.

The former site was situated in the flood plain near the swinging bridge and closed several years ago.

The board will make every attempt to find out what the community wants. For now, the dump station/campsite is included in the five-year plan.

In other matters, board members talked about the issue of parking areas for semi-tractors.

The board was asked by city administrators to consider this from a “fairness factor.”

The parks and recreation department also is sponsoring two upcoming trips.

A ski trip to Mt. Kato in Mankato is planned for Jan 14, 2008.

The other trip will occur on Monday, Dec. 17, when the bus leaves at 2:30 p.m. for the Minnesota Vikings game in Minneapolis.

“The bus right now is half full and we picked up quite a few this past week,” Spurgin remarked.

Tickets are $80 per person and individuals are allowed to bring personal coolers. For more trip information, call (712) 362-3575.

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