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EPD officers receive added response training – Special instructional event planned Dec. 29

By Staff | Dec 22, 2007

ESTHERVILLE–Detective Greg Van Langen and officer Travis Fisher of the Estherville Police Department recently completed the instructor course titled law enforcement response to active shooters.

Conducted by Strategos International of Lee Summit, MO, about 30 officers attended the classes in Mason City. Funding for the training was paid for by the regional Homeland Security office.

“This course has trained them to instruct other law enforcement officers in situations involving active shooters,” said Brent Shatto, EPD captain.

The state-of-the-art course was described as 50 hours of intense training in the classroom and actual hands-on experience.

“These two individuals now can train the other law enforcement street officers in a three-day course who will be certified as operators using the same techniques,” Shatto explained.

The police department plans to host an operator’s class with the assistance of Terry Reekers, director of Emmet County Emergency Management. “We will offer instruction to participating police officers to utilize the same technique in the event of an active shooter so all responding officers will be using the same tactics,” the captain explained.

It is being announced to the public that on Dec. 28-29, Van Langen and Fisher will be conducting a class for the officers of the Estherville Police Department utilizing these techniques.

“The majority of the time this training will be conducted at the Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School (North Building). This instruction is requiring the assistance of ELC students, staff and parents,” he said.

“This is a wonderful asset to the department that these two officers have been trained and certified,” Shatto added. “We will be notifying agencies when our spring training is scheduled.”

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