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McDaniel concert slated at Wild Rose – Event set for Friday, Jan. 18

By Staff | Jan 12, 2008

EMMETSBURG–If you live anywhere near Emmetsburg, get ready for a great time Friday, Jan. 18, when Mel McDaniel and the Oklahoma Wind heads the bill at Wild Rose Casino & Resort in Emmetsburg.

McDaniel, whose hits include “Louisiana Saturday Night” and “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On,” will perform two shows, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tickets are on sale now for $10 by calling (712) 852-3400 or online at “http://www.wildroseresorts.com.”>www.wildroseresorts.com. You must be 21 to attend and have a Wild Rose Player’s Club Card.

In an interview with the Daily News on Friday, McDaniel talked about the influences on his music, musicians he’s influenced himself and why he loves music so much he could never imagine being in any other business.

Music came early for McDaniel who played trumpet in third grade in California. That was about the time his father and stepmother sang on long trips and he was naturally encouraged to join in.

Just as he entered adolescence, though, something magic happened to McDaniel.


He was 14 when he first heard the rockabilly superstar. “And I said, man, that’s what I want to do is be a singer,” McDaniel said.

Other influences were Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. “
Mainly Elvis kind of turned my head in that direction, though,” McDaniel said of his serious entry into the music field.

McDaniel returned the favor, though, inspiring an artist of no less talent than Alan Jackson, who told him, “
You’re one of the reasons I’m here.

Things weren’t always perfect, though.

In 1996, McDaniel was checking out a stage in Lafayette, La., when he stepped onto what he thought was a solid floor and fell head first into an 8-foot-deep pit. He almost died.

I know the good Lord was watching over me,” McDaniel said.

After a long, four-year recovery, McDaniel went on the road again, hoping to salvage what was left of his career. The crowds were bigger than ever. It seems folks were waiting to see him for so long that when he was back, they were there in droves.

As country music has changed over the years from the Bob Wills yodel and Hank Williams twang to the singing steel guitar to uptown country, McDaniel has kept up with the best of them, presenting his trademark music of good-time country that never loses its appeal.

While he continues to play old favorites due to popular demand, McDaniel is always open to different styles of music. “
It depends on if it works or doesn’t work,” he said.

Patriotism is at the core of McDaniel’s philosophy, as well as his music. “
It brings us all together,” he said as his reason for doing change-up lyrics touting America and everything it stands for.

For young musicians just starting out, McDaniel advises them “
just don’t give up and don’t lose your focus and keep on plugging.” That’s a formula that seems to have worked extremely well for McDaniel.

As for the future, McDaniel hopes to mix up both road and studio time and to continue to bring his fans the music they have come to expect.

For Friday night’s show, McDaniel said the audience can expect some old standards, plus some newer pieces.

We like for folks to get involved and enjoy what we do,” McDaniel said. “I just want them to see us and have a good time.”

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