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Things to do before you die – Numbers 60-41

By Staff | Jan 17, 2008

Our bucket list continues today with the next 20 items. After all, you only get one shot–why not make the most of it?

60.Visit the tropics.

No matter if you’re looking for a warmer spot during the winter or just a place to get away from every day life, a person should take a trip to the tropics at some point. Visit southern Mexico, the Bahamas, Key West, the Caribbean, anywhere where palm trees grow and the water is pristine blue.

59. Meet a celebrity.

I have some ideas of big stars I’d like to meet, but you need to meet at least one celebrity before you die. Right now, it might be interesting to meet Tom Cruise (you know, him and that entire Scientology thing) or Britney Spears (enough said). Interesting probably isn’t the word for those two, though.

58. Take a cruise.

Luxury liners are more than just big boats. They provide entertainment, activities and on-shore expeditions, depending on where you go. It also would be nice to feel the ocean air in your face and smell the breeze while embarking on the experience of a cruise. I would encourage you to consider not just the Caribbean or other warm places when it comes to your cruise. There are Alaskan cruises and others just as exciting as the warmer adventures.

57. Eat a Philadelphia cheese steak in Philadelphia.

What more do I have to say. It’s the principle of the thing–there’s nothing like the sandwich made where it’s suppose to be made.

58. Swim with the dolphins.

These ocean mammals are said to be as smart as humans. Swimming with them would be an experience of a lifetime and, who knows, you might end up having a pretty good conversation.

57. Stand at the top of Pike’s Peak.

So it would be pretty cool to hear your voice reverberate off the walls of the Grand Canyon if you were standing at the bottom, but think of how far you could see at the top of this point. The adventure of getting there, too, would be worth the trip.

56. Run for an elected office.

It doesn’t even matter if you win, the point is to run. The ultimate experience would be to run for president, but we all know how much money that takes. Start small–run for city council or county supervisor. If you win, great. Then you can start thinking of bigger and better things.

55. Go to New York City.

Catch a Broadway show, visit Times Square, stop in at the MTV headquarters and take a bite out of the Big Apple.

54. Attend a World Series.

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. What better way of celebrating that and getting some entertainment than attending a World Series. Think of the atmosphere, imagine the crowd and think of all the ballpark hot dogs you could eat.

53. Go to the Super Bowl.

Enough said.

52. Spend a week in Washington, D.C.

Take in all the sites, from the Washington Monument to the Vietnam Wall. There is so much history in Washington to see and experience, it would be hard to get to it all in only a week.

51. Take a ride on the Orient Express.

The mystery, intrigue and mythology surrounding this famous train and its route deserves a ride at some point in your life.

50. Dive with a Great White shark.

This might not sound as appealing to some as it does to others, but imagine the adrenaline rush and think about what you’d learn by stepping off a boat and into a shark cage off the shore of South Africa or Australia, getting into the water with these magnificent animals.

49. Meet the president.

You can do this while you’re in Washington for that week, but I’d make two trips out of it. Meeting the leader of the Free World might be a tall order to fill, but it would be an experience you’d never forget.

48. Invent something.

Think of the generations to come that could be using your gizmo or gadget if you’d just sit down and build it. And be sure to get a patent for your invention.

47. Write a book.

It doesn’t matter what you write about, just sit down and write what you want. It might not become a best-seller, but at least you accomplished the goal.

46. Camp in the Canadian wilderness.

You want peace and quiet, pristine lakes to fish in and time to spend with the family without the woes of the world? This is the vacation to take. Some of Canada’s wilderness has been literally untouched by mankind and it’s lakes sparkle with the reflection of the deep blue sky.

45. Attend the Kentucky Derby.

Drink a mint julep, wear a giant hat and watch the horses tear down the track.

44. Read The Bible.

This sounds corny, but every Christian, and even most non-Christians, should read this book at least once in their lifetime.

43. Own your own business.

This is a rewarding, fulfilling job and there’s nothing like the feeling of being your own boss.

42. Get over your addictions.

Whether you smoke, drink, gamble or whatever, clean your act up and live the rest of your life by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

41. Play an extra in a feature film.

You might not be the star, but at least you’ll be seen on the big screen.