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Daily News Editorial -Don’t forget the little guys

By Staff | Jan 18, 2008

Today’s economy seems dominated by big corporations and hostile takeovers. It’s almost as if every conglomeration is traded publicly on the NASDAQ or Dow. The same holds true in agriculture as the trend of the family owned farms is dwindling as big corporate operations move in.

We understand the economy has to grow–if it doesn’t the financial stability of hundreds of thousands could be put in jeopardy. What we don’t want to see happen is the big guy winning out.

Right here in northwest Iowa, Emmet County and the surrounding region specifically, there is a valuable resource of small business owners–family and locally owned companies–that are fighting those monster corporations for their right to survive. And we think they have every right, perhaps even more than the corporate machines of today’s economy, to continue opening shop. We actually would like to see more of those businesses get going.

That won’t be possible, however, if the people–friends, neighbors and family members–living in this area don’t frequent those businesses.

Why not go downtown in Estherville or wander through the Main Streets of the other communities in the area to see what they have to offer instead of running to Wal-Mart, ShopKo or K-Mart every time you need something?

The people who own and work at those businesses are friendly, helpful and appreciate every customer that comes through their doors. They realize the customer comes first and teach their employees to treat them as such. That personal attention from the minute you walk into their store makes you want to stay a while. Granted, the big department stores have “greeters” at their front doors, but that’s really the end of the homey feeling in their aisles.

We realize the corporations aren’t going to go away, but there still is a place for those “Mom and Pop” type businesses and there’s no better place than right here in Iowa.

So be sure to visit that independently owned store, the family owned shop downtown or the Pamidas and Alcos of the area. You won’t be disappointed.