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Trees, skis and more

By Staff | Feb 13, 2008

Members of the Estherville Parks and Recreation Department Monday indirectly acknowledged spring is around the corner with the board nod to resident Dick Shonkwiler’s request to tap the maple trees in Mickelson Park.

The question was posed whether or not tapping trees will hurt the overall condition of the trees. Board vice president Gary Phillips said no.

In other matters, the board learned through department Director Dave Spurgin a second ski trip to Mankato is slated for Monday, Feb. 18, a non-school day in the Estherville Lincoln Central School District. There are openings; parents of students who wish to participate can call the department at 712-362-3575, between the hours of 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for reservations or more information.

While the snow swirled outside City Offices, the board reviewed the 2007 report for the parks, recreation and pool and found it was an overall positive 12 months.

Park Maintenance Projects which were completed included:

n Wayne King, part of the Adopt-A-Park Program

– Entrance sign was stained.

– Trees and shrubs on west hillside were removed.

– Playground equipment given a fresh coat of paint.

– New flowers were planted and maintained by Barb Mack and Kay Graber.

n South 14th Street, part of the Adopt-A-Park Program

– Master gardeners planted flowers.

– Entrance sign was stained.

– Equipment for the playground was painted.

n South 15th Sports Park

– Area south of drainage ditch was mowed and cleaned out.

n Trinity, Adopt-A-Park Program

– Playground equipment was painted.

– Entrance sign was stained.

– Juvenile Court Services planted and maintained new flowers.

n South 10th, part of the Adopt-A-Park Program

– Graffiti was repeatedly removed.

– Entrance sign was stained.

– Park fence was cleaned.

– New flowers were planted by Master Gardeners.

n Thoreson

– Area around Sanborn Shelter was over seeded.

– Renovated light switch gears equipment at Thoreson I and Thoreson II.

– Painted playground equipment.

– Stained entrance signs.

– Cleaned planting area near the old rest room.

n Mickelson

– Maintained flower beds at the pool.

– Replaced parking posts.

– Filled sinkhole by pool.

– Painted playground equipment.

– Installed water service to rock garden.

n North Riverside

– Painted basketball standard.

– Flooded and maintained ice rink.

– Repaired swinging bridge.

– Painted interior of warming house.

n Jensen

– Normal maintenance work was completed.

n Joe Hoye

– Installed new disk golf basket.

– Cleaned bushes in circle drive.

– Stained entrance sign.

Under miscellaneous, Spurgin noted his crews:

n Maintained the hanging baskets in Library Square.

n Replaced two blue spruce trees in Library Square.

n Installed new wider sidewalk along Central Avenue at Library Square.

n Installed new park benches in Library Square.

n Planted 23 trees and shrubs at the city site of the south entrance sign.

Under the recreation program heading, adult offerings included men’s slowbreak basketball, mixed volley ball, tennis clinic, bus trips, city wellness program, men’s 30 and over open gym, tennis lesson, consignment park tickets, four-person mixed volleyball and shelter house reservations.

For children, programs planned were: Mt. Kato ski trip, youth soccer, girls youth softball (various age brackets), Minnesota Twins baseball/softball clinic, Special Olympics, pet show, Maniece Magic, disc golf clinic, learn-to-swim classes, Easter egg hunt, Hershey’s track & field meet, boys youth baseball (various age brackets), meteorite day baseball tourney, junior tennis lessons, nature camp, Treasure Village Children’s Theatre, swim team and flag football.

Spurgin noted these programs attracted 829 families and 1,398 individuals. “This was a very good year for recreation program numbers,” he told the board.

Saving the best for the finale, Spurgin presented the 2007 pool activities report and by all indications, the numbers for attendance and revenue were significantly higher than the previous year.

Participation at the pool for June, July and August, a 60-day season, totaled 9,752 visits and a pool revenue total of $9,611.64. Pool visits in 2006 numbered 9,081 with that year’s pool revenue standing at $8,049.60.