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By Staff | Feb 20, 2008

There’s a whole lot of reading going on in Estherville.

By the way the books and other materials are stacking up, the statistical comparison released Monday to the Estherville City Council shows circulation reached 46,060 for 2007 as compared to 43,913 for 2006.

Director of Library Services Carolyn Walz compiled the information.

The figures for 2007 show:

n 437 new registrations.

n 4,947 total registered borrowers.

n 1,327 purchased books.

n $20.92 average cost per book.

n 662 donated books.

n 2,804 withdrawn books.

n 56,090 total book collection.

n 83 non-print media purchased.

n 11 non-print media donated.

n 4,610 total non-print collection.

n 2,316 hours of operation.

n 20 items checked out per hour.

n 9,965 total staff hours.

n 12,431 hours of computer usage.

n 15,007 computer users.

n 41,491 hits on web sites.

In comparison with 2006 numbers, the most significant change showed that 1,591 books had been donated that year.

Hours of computer usage was up from 2006 data which showed a total of 10,174. Computer users, at 13,115, were lower in the previous year as were web site hits which totaled to 36,554.