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City water report makes annual splash

By Staff | Feb 21, 2008

Holy buckets!

Did you know it takes electricity to get water from the wells deep in the ground through the pipes to your house?

It does, and according to the 2007 Estherville Water Department annual report, the total kilowatt used at the wells was down 3.5 percent from the previous year.

A total of 917,020 KWH were used at the wells in 2006 as compared to 884,132 last year.

The number of kilowatts used for pumps was 857,460 while an addition 26,672 kilowatts were used for lights in 2007.

The totals were lower too in the column titled raw water used (gallons). In 2006 total gallons number 433,054,576 while 2007 that figure fell to 426,856,096.

A point of interest is that this is a 31 percent difference from the 1980 peak of 618,304,963 gallons.

The power plant and Estherville Foods continue to have the highest demand for raw water with 57,596 gallons at the power plant and 12,248,500 gallons at Estherville Foods.

The report from the water treatment plant for last year shows that 1,135,753 gallons of raw water was measured daily. Finished water amounted to 1,014,477 gallons per day.

Another area keeping the water department busy was the replacement of valves which tallied to seven.

It was noted the computerized leak detection survey was conducted on the distribution system to pinpoint suspected leaks and the following were located and repaired:

n Main leaks, 2.

n Abandoned lines, 1.

n Service lines, 2.

n Hydrant leaks, 3.

Broken water mains were repaired at the following locations in 2007:

n Westwood Court.

n 128 West Second Street and Second Avenue.

n South 18th Street and First Avenue South.

n North 17th Street and Central Avenue.

n 302 North 18th Street.

n 1732 First Avenue South.

n 803 West Sixth Avenue North.

n North 19th Street and Third Avenue.

n North First Street and First Avenue.

n 1415 First Avenue South.

n South 13th Street and Third Avenue.

n Raw Tower No. 1.

n 1737 Central Avenue.

The upgraded meter reading equipment was listed as a major water system improvement. It was reported the department now has the capability of reding water and electric meters by radio communication at selected sites where meters are hard to reach.

Water department employees include Bruce Bruns, superintendent grade III, Kraig Kilgore, operator, grade II, John Schmaus, operator, grade I, and Randy Johnson, operator, grade I.