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County budget levy change under 2 percent

By Staff | Feb 21, 2008

By Michael Tidemann – Staff Writer

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday held a public hearing on a budget that would call for a levy slightly under current levels for rural residents.

The fiscal 2008-09 budget would levy $3,695,333 on property, compared to a current-year estimate of $3,637,064. The 2006-07 budget levied $3,585,840 on property in the county.

Overall, revenues will be up from $8,063,323 to $8,199,493.

Urban areas will see a levy of 7.80757 while rural areas will be levied 11.13963 mils, down from 11.22 countywide for the current year.

Total revenues and other sources are projected at $8,199,493 for 2008-09, compared to $8,063,323 for the current year.

On the spending side, increases are seen from the current year to 2008-09 for the following:

n Public safety and legal services, from $1,383,327 to $1,493,037.

n Physical health and social services, from $652,690 to $689,794.

n Mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disability, from $1,651,985 to $1,712,721.

n Roads and transportation, from $2,508,175 to $2,776,132.

n Government services to residents, from $359,899 to $381,371.

n Administration, from $891,933 to $974,030.