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Shatto announces candidacy for sheriff

By Staff | Mar 6, 2008

Brent Shatto

Brent Shatto is announcing his candidate for the office of Emmet County Sheriff.

His name will be on the Democratic ballot in the Iowa Primary on Tuesday, June 3.

“One of the several reasons I have decided to seek the office of sheriff, is simply that I have been asked to run by many citizens of Emmet County. I am seeking office to bring unity to heal the division between the county and city (of Estherville) law enforcement,” he said, adding, “With unity between the law enforcement departments in Emmet County, there will be no need for the countywide law enforcement that has been recently discussed. I’m the only Democratic candidate who can make that happen.”

Shatto is a native of Fostoria and a 1983 graduate of Terril High School. “I have wanted to be a police officer since I was a small child.”

As a high school student, he made the necessary arrangements to attend Iowa Lakes Community College and enroll in the criminal justice program after high school graduation.

He studied at Iowa Lakes for a year and a half when a football scholarship at the University of North Dakota pre-empted the original plans. Shatto spent one year at NDU enrolled in the criminal justice major area of study.

He made the decision to return to Iowa Lakes in 1986 and received his Associate of Science degree in criminal justice. In 1984, he was hired by the Estherville Police Department as a part-time police officer.

He accepted a full-time police office position with the City of Laurens in 1987. It was 1988 when Shatto graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

The Estherville Police Department offered him a full-time position in 1988 and today, Shatto is a 20-year veteran of the department.

The officer earned by promotion the position of police sergeant in 2000. It was May of 2001 Shatto earned the rank of captain.

“In the position of captain, I am the administrative assistant to the police chief and serve as the chief in his absence.”

Shatto’s main responsibilities as captain include:

n Overseeing the operation of the police department.

n Handling the department work schedule.

n Managing the monthly payroll.

n Working with the media for public information.

n Overseeing the training of officers.

n Managing day-to-day operations within the department.

n Ordering police supplies.

n Scheduling vehicle maintenance.

“I also assist the chief with the budgetary process involving the department’s annual $1.02 million budget,” Shatto noted.

The candidate has attended more than 80 law enforcement classes. “This has prepared me to assume administrative positions as well as to enhance my current captain/supervisor position.”

In 2003, he attended Police Management School to further his insight in administrative leadership.

The school is part of Northwestern University’s Institute of Police Technology in Chicago.

To his credit, Shatto is:

n A certified Emergency Medical Technician and has maintained certification for 18 years.

n An instructor for the standard field sobriety testing and OWI detection.

n A charter member of HEAT (High-Risk Entry and Arrest Team) formed in 1998.

n The appointed administrative commander for HEAT involving 22 members from 17 law enforcement agencies in northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota. He assumed this role in 2003.

n A member of Estherville Noon Kiwanis since 2003 and currently holds the duties of president.

n The former vice president of the Kiwanis group.

n A member of the First Presbyterian Church in Estherville.

n A member of the Estherville Saddle Club and a board member since 2002.

n A member of the High School Rodeo Committee since 1996.

n A member of the Clay County Fair Security Department for the past 14 years and was promoted to lieutenant in 2002.

n A past instructor for the Iowa Lakes Community College Reserve Officer training.

n A past instructor for the Estherville Police Department’s Youth and Citizen Police Academy.

n The technical accident investigator for the department, a position he has held for 14 years

Through his years on the Estherville force, Shatto has given numerous presentations to students of Iowa Lakes and Estherville Lincoln Central on the effects and consequences of driving while intoxicated.

“I enjoy being involved in many community activities and organizations. Living on an acreage gives me time to do what I love best – riding horses.” Shatto enjoys team sorting and team roping.

“I also enjoy attending my children’s extracurricular activities and events and my family thoroughly enjoys traveling and camping.”

Shatto’s candidacy has the complete support of his wife Tera and children Kelsey, Seth and Kale. Another addition to the family is expected to make a debut in April. His mother Kathy believes her son can handle the responsibilities of the office.

As for law enforcement itself, he said, “This is the best job and a great career. Every day, every call and every hour brings something new. And of course I love what I do each and every day when we serve and protect individuals.”

His goals include:

n Bringing the law enforcement agencies of Emmet County together.

n Providing better service for everyone.

n Combining resources to save Emmet County tax dollars.

n Having both departments work as one so that officers in all departments in the county are trained in the same technique and tactics.

“I plan to bring a common sense approach to law enforcement in Emmet County. I will be fair, effective and consistent in the enforcement of laws and treatment of the public,” Shatto said, adding, “I have been serving the citizens of Estherville for the last 20 years and look forward to serving all of Emmet County in the capacity of sheriff in early 2009. Please register to vote in the primary on Tuesday, June 3.”

Persons with questions, comments or concerns can contact Shatto by email at: ShattoforSheriff@hotmail.com.