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Clean-up days set for June

By Staff | Mar 18, 2008

The week of June 9-13 was adopted Monday by Estherville City Council for City Clean-Up Days.

Conducted will be a citywide clean-up of bulky items for residential customers during this particular five-day period.

The collection of these items will coincide with the time solid waste is normally collected and should be placed at the curb the night before. For example, items should be set out on Sunday evening, June 8, if solid waste is to be collected on Monday, June 9.

The city said bulky items which do not fit inside metered bags are to be placed at the curb with normal trash, garbage and small items placed in the metered bags.

A few items will carry a fee, including: “Refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, dehumidifier, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater, microwave, stove, furnace and other appliances requiring demanufacturing will be collected for a $20 fee per item.”

City Clerk/Financial Director Vaughn Brua said, “This $20 per item must be paid at city offices prior to collection day and a sticker will be provided which must be attached to each item for collection to occur.”

Items not acceptable for collection include: tires, landscape waste, hazardous materials, liquid products like paint or chemicals, vehicles, trailers, lead acid batteries, fuel tanks and construction/demolition materials like lumber, shingles, etc.

For more information, call 362-7771. Brua noted the city reserves the right to refuse certain items or amounts of material inappropriate for collection.

The estimated cost for this year’s collection is $17,000.

In other business, the council:

n Received the 2008 Water Quality Report for the city which shows the “drinking water is safe and meets all federal and state requirements.”

n Approved the purchase of 500 copies of Eco@Home, a bi-monthly publication of energy-saving tips created by the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities.

n Acknowledged Talented and Gifts students who observed council proceedings as part of a class project at Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School. TAG Teacher Beth Langford accompanied the class.

n Approved a request to close First Avenue North From North Sixth Street to North Seventh Street on Saturday, June 7 for Relay for Life. Also included was a request to block off parking spaces on the east and west sides of Library Square.

n Approved an application for renewal of a Class C Beer Permit with a Carryout Wine Privilege and Sunday Sales for Pamida Stores, 2702 Central Ave.

n Approved an application and fee for renewal of a Native Wine Permit for Bernadette Duitsman dba Fifth Street Salon & Gifts, 8 S. Fifth St.