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Hello dolly!

By Staff | Mar 21, 2008

Becky Petersen stands next to one of the dolls she’s most proud. While the antique-style above, is less expressive than the modern style. It requires more technique. EDN photos by David Swartz

The year was 1987. Becky Petersen and her husband were wandering through the Clay County Fair when a porcelain doll caught Becky’s eye.

She wanted it. It cost $100.

The husband said “No.”

Becky said, “OK, I’ll make one.”

Twenty years and thousands of dollars later, Becky has created dozens of porcelain dolls–all different kinds.

Earlier this week, the Good Samaritan Center nurse took the opportunity to share her hobby with her friends at the nursing home. She showed the process of creating a doll–from the liquid porcelain to the finished product.

Becky said it takes hours to create one doll.

“To paint the head is at least 24 hours,” she said. “There’s always another doll I’m starting on the dining room table at home.”

Becky is taking her art form to the next level–she’s taking lessons to learn technique to paint antique-style dolls.

‘Modern’ dolls usually have more expression in their faces.

She is most proud of the doll she created after her first lesson on coloring and painting.

To create an antique-style doll, Becky must make sure fabrics are natural, so she spends time searching the countryside and the internet for hand-made laces and silks.

Her goal is enter a doll in an artisan guild competition–not for any prize, but for the satisfaction that her craft is among the best.