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Spirit Lake Council receives water plant expansion update

By Staff | Mar 27, 2008

Engineer Mark Hardie reviewed plans for the Spirit Lake water treatment plant upgrades Tuesday. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

SPIRIT LAKE — The Spirit Lake City Council Tuesday received an update on plans for an update of the $4.5-million city water treatment plant project.

The project would be the first plant upgrade since 1964.

Mark Hardie of the Howard R. Green Company outlined a construction timetable and summary of costs. The upgrade would double the plant’s capacity, enough to meet the city’s growth for the next 20 years.

Plans for the upgrade will be available to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources March 28 with a hearing and bid letting April 8. Hardie anticipated receiving a construction permit from the DNR by April 30 and awarding the contract May 23. Final completion would be May 1, 2010. Hardie anticipates a construction period of 18-24 months with the plant continuing to operate during construction.

Actual construction costs would be $3,684,000. Additional costs would be engineering design fees, $425,000; construction contingencies, $110,000; inspection fees, $260,000; loan initiation fee, $43,000; and planning and design costs rollover, $66,300.

“Without a doubt, this project has to be done,” said Councilman Jerry Harbst.

Councilman Kevin Bice asked Hardie whether he felt comfortable that the DNR would accept the project.

Hardie observed there could be heavy loadings on the filter which might tend toward the high side of permitted limits.

“We’re pushing the envelope a little bit,” Hardie said. If the DNR required, more filters could be added, he said.

“We’re within textbook numbers. It’s just a little higher than what you’d design an existing plant for,” Hardie said.