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Ballot set for June 3

By Staff | Mar 28, 2008

The ballot is cast and set in stone for the Iowa Primary on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 in Emmet County.

Information secured from county Auditor Bev Juhl shows the following list of individuals seeking a bid for nomination. They include:

n Emmet County

Board of Supervisors

Democrat candidates

Roger E. Anderson

Beverly Juhl

Alan Madden

Republican candidates

Randy Beaver

Tim Schumacher

n Emmet County Auditor

Democrat candidates

Mikki Erickson

Michelle Howing

Tammy Lair

n Emmet County Sheriff

Democrat candidates

Mike Martens

Brent L. Shatto

Republican candidate

Gene M. Haukoos

n Iowa State Representative – District 7

Democrat candidate

Marcella R. Frevert

Republican candidate

Debra Satern

n Iowa State Senator –

District 4

Democrat candidate

John P. Kibbie

n US Representative –

District 4

Democrat Candidates

Becky Greenwald

Kurt Meyer

William J. Meyers

Kevin Miskell

Republican candidate

Tom Latham

n US Senator

Democrat candidate

Tom Harkin

Republican candidates

George S. Eichhorn

Steve Rathje

Christopher Reed

A person must be registered in the county auditor’s office to be able to cast a vote in any election. Citizens may register in person or for an online registration form visit the following website: http://www.sos.state.ia.us/elections/voterreg/reg_to_vote.html.

Print this form off, fill it out and return it to the Juhl’s office.

To vote by absentee ballot, the voter needs to fill out an official request form at the auditor’s office or call 712-362-4261 and request a form be mailed.