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Magazine mayhem

By Staff | Apr 2, 2008

Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School Principal Mike Peterson made good on his promise to let some of the magazine sales people give him a whipped cream pie in the face Tuesday. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

Estherville Lincoln Central Principal Mike Peterson made good on his word Tuesday.

He had a little pie on his face as a result.

Peterson let 10 students take their best shot, and a few hit the mark, or at least his shirt, at the conclusion of the annual magazine sales celebration for student in grades 4-8. The top 27 salespeople were treated to a limousine ride and pizza at Godfather’s Pizza and everyone took part in the celebratory assembly 2:40 p.m. in the auditorium.

With a total of $38,000 in magazine subscriptions sold, $14,000 in profits will be divided among the various grade levels. Money will be used for taking field trips, buying snacks for testing days, buying technology equipment, and other uses, according to Brian Sexe who has coordinated the sales effort for the past several years.

The top five sellers had over $4,000 in sales. They included Bobby Kompelien, first; Kyle Thompson, second; Reese Vedder, third; Martin Christensen, fourth, and Heather Natterstad, fifth.

Taking a limousine ride were fifth-graders, in no particular order, Bailey Fredericksen, Tyler Lowe, Jada Trompeter, Jordan Phillips, Abby Erickson, Joslyn Moore, Lauren Lago, Reese Vedder, and Hunter Wedebrand. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

Rhonda Bonk’s sixth-grade class was the biggest seller with $3,700 in sales. The sixth grade overall was top in sales with a total of $10,300.

In the Roll for Cash, always a favorite, fourth grade raised the most with $57, fifth $50, sixth $23, seventh $45, and eight $45.

“You have the best, most supportive teachers in northwest Iowa,” Sandi Beecher, field sales manager for Reader’s Digest magazine fundraising sales told the students.

With just two pies left, Peterson had a little surprise for Beecher.

The students enjoyed every second of it.