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“Biggest Loser” contest makes some real winners

By Staff | Apr 10, 2008

The equivalent of four people disappeared in Estherville between Jan. 7 and March 31.

That’s according to the total of 701.1 pounds lost during the Regional Wellness Center’s Biggest Loser contest. An average of 23.4 pounds per person was lost.

Layne Anderson was the biggest loser among the men at 48.4 pounds followed by Chet Pyawasit at 39.2 and Travis Grange at 28.4.

For the women, Leslie Bosch was biggest loser at 35.2 pounds followed by Terra Bill at 32.8 and Tina Natterstad at 31.5.

Team Green had the biggest percentage of loss at 14.388 pounds per person average. Team Green members included Captain Joe Currell and Tina Natterstad, Leslie Bosch, Jennifer Doll, Terra Bill, and Sophia Vaughn. A total of 36 people with six people per team participated.

Following are some interesting statistics from the program which began Jan. 7 and ended March 31:

Measurements (average) — neck, 1.2 inches per person lost; chest, 3.2 pounds; right arm, 1.2 inches; abdomen, 5.3 inches; hips, 3.7 inches; right thigh, 2.3 inches. right calf, 1.1 inches.

Fitness tests — pushups, 13 to 28, increase of 15; 10 laps timed, 15:03 to 11:50, -3:13; flexibility, 18 to 20, +2 inches.

Team totals — Team Green, 132.70 pounds, 14.388 percent; Team Gold, 150.80 pounds, 13 percent; Team Blue, 115.30, 11.280 percent; Team Orange, 102.20 pounds, 10.370 percent; Team Red, 107.10 pounds, 9.496 percent; Team Black, 93, 8.761 percent.

Percentage of overall weight lost — Leslie Bosch (Team Green) 20.52 percent, Layne Anderson (Team Red) 17.51 percent; Terra Bill (Team Green) 17.17 percent, Michelle Reed (Team Blue) 17.04 percent, JoAnna Jensen (Team Blue) 15.57 percent, Tammy Grange (Team Gold) 14.89 percent, Chet Pyawasit (Team Gold) 14.301 percent, Nicole Miller (Team Orange) 14.3 percent, Tina Natterstad (Team Green) 13.88 percent, Sondra Briz (Team Gold) 13.53 percent.

Team members — Team Blue: Captain Tracy Olson, Mischelle Reed, Laura Fix, Kate Woods, Ellie Lambert, and JoAnna Jensen; Team Gold: Captain Bob Grems, Sondra Brix, Tara Pyawasit, Chet Pyawasit, Travis Grange, and Tammy Grange; Team Orange: Captain Molly O’Hara, Nicole Miller, Beth Heifner, Diana Huntley, Jean Grems, and Kim Olson; Team Red: Captain Melissa Leonard, Layne Anderson, Kim Anderson, Elaine Brehmer, Brandi Swenson, and Deb Clague; Team Black: Captain Tony Nath, Steve Erickson, Michele Erickson, Mary Bandow, Katie Hansen, and Bruce Radtke; Team Green: Captain Jo Currell, Tina Natterstad, Leslie Bosch, Jennifer Doll, Terra Bill, and Sophia Vaughn.