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Spirit Lake discusses zoning, architecture

By Staff | Apr 10, 2008

SPIRIT LAKE — The Spirit Lake City Council meeting was standing-room-only Monday evening, as a multitude of high school students observed the proceedings.

Terry Yarns of the Planning and Zoning Commission presented discussion on the height regulation of residential buildings.

This topic was put forth because of the need for more affordable housing. Currently, over 50 percent of the Spirit Lake work force commutes into town because of housing costs.

Allowing for taller residential buildings would enable developers the possibility of constructing lower cost housing.

Yarns proposed changing the current height limit of 35 feet to 45 feet, because housing units are more cost-efficient when built vertically. Councilmember Steve Balm suggested looking at other city’s ordinances on lakeshore residential height regulations.

No action was taken, as council members would like to research the matter further and consider public input.

There was a lengthy discussion on the architectural standards for the front design of Buck’s Pub, located at 1611 Hill Ave., Spirit Lake. Two options were proposed: the first consisted of all wood paneling, which would keep in theme with the interior of the building.

The second option added 24 – 30 inches of brick along the bottom of the building. Motion was carried to approve option number two. The owner also plans to re-shingle the eaves, replace a cracked window, and level the top of the building.

The public hearing on the Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project was set for May 13.

Also approved was the liquor license for Last Chance Stadium Lounge, liquor license, outdoor service, and Sunday sales for Sportsman’s, and a beer and Sunday sales permit for Godfathers Pizza.