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Second burglary suspect arrested

By Staff | Apr 25, 2008

Arrests warrants were obtained Wednesday for the second suspect involved in the daytime burglaries in Emmet and Clay counties.

According to Emmet County Sheriff Larry Lamack the warrants were secured for Jonathan Meier, 25, of Laurens on two charges of third degree burglary and one charge of second degree criminal mischief.

Meier was apprehended by the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Department on the Emmet warrants. The suspect was then transported to the Emmet County Jail.

The defendant appeared before the Emmet County magistrate and is incarcerated in the Emmet County Jail on a $29,250 bond.

In other developments, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department recovered additional stolen property from these burglaries inside an old barn at an abandoned Clay County farm site.

Lamack said sheriff’s offices in Emmet, Clay, Palo Alto and Pocahontas counties are continuing their investigation into these and other burglaries in the area.