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Going up, up, up!

By Staff | May 2, 2008

After several months of earth and infrastructure work, the new Estherville Lincoln Central middle-school building began to almost instantly appear this week.

A crane hoisted the 40,000-pound concrete panels of the interlocking wall system into place. As of Thursday afternoon, panels stood across the east and much of the south side.

Concrete crews poured the gymnasium floor Wednesday, giving a good idea as to the footprint and outlay of much of the building.

Steve Christensen of Christensen Construction Co. said crews had overcome the delays caused by wet weather last October and were ahead of schedule. He said the ceiling was up and cabinets were in on the Demoney Elementary addition with flooring to go in in another week. Once school dismisses, Christensen said another 3,000 square feet of Demoney will be remodeled.

Christensen said the tiered floor in the former band and chorus rooms in the high school have been filled in and the walls built and painted. In two to three weeks the area should be remodeled for three math rooms.

The middle-school site work has been completed and leveled and Christensen said precast concrete panels should be placed on three sides. Maniece demolition will allow the remaining precast walls to be set in place.

“Things are flying,” Christensen said. “They’re going pretty well. I’d say the guys did a great job of getting back on schedule.”

Plans are to relocate into the middle school by fall 2009.