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2008 scholarship and award winners announced

By Staff | May 15, 2008

Scholarships, awards and special recognition for going above and beyond in the classroom as well as in the community were the focus of a special Awards Day ceremony at Estherville Lincoln Central High School Wednesday morning for the graduating class of 2008.

The underlying theme which carries a positive and powerful message was “Giving back.”

Giving back to the community are the kind and generous individuals, families and businesses who have created scholarships and awards.

The flip side of the message presents a challenge to the graduates who someday may establish scholarships as a way to “Give Back” to the community.

Receiving Purple Cords for performing 120 or more hours of community service during the high school years were: Caleb Caboth (Presidential Service Award recipient), Erin Webb, Hana Schroeder (Presidential Service Award recipient), Adam Mustard, Halli Winter, Sarah Chrestiansen, Noelle Hecht, Spenser Schichtl, Sabrina Jurrens, Amber Sandvig, Chad Prust, Rob Humble, Marcus Stangl and Brandon Hanson.

Also receiving a Presidential Service Award was Allison Hevern, a member of the class of 2011.

Other graduating award winners were:

American Bar Association Citizenship Award, Erin Webb; Avenue of Flags, Alex Baruth; State of Iowa, Joe Woodward and Erin Webb; Jay West Memorial, Malissa Origer; Intellectual Freedom, Sarah Chrestiansen; ELCEA Scholarships, Rob Humble and Sarah Chrestiansen.

Pauline Michels Memorial, Rob Humble; FFA, Alex Baruth; VFW Auxiliary, Brittany Krekow; Elks Scholarship, Sarah Chrestiansen, Caleb Caboth, Melanie Bandow and Taylor Pluth; Patrons of the Fine Arts: Kyle Anderson and Sarah Chrestiansen.

PEO, Chapter AY, Tracy Fay; PEO, Chapter ON, Beth Christensen; Wa Tan Ye, Heather Enerson and Halli Winter; Estherville Lincoln Central Foundation, Spenser Schichtl and Rachel Juhl, Courtney Bruns and Sarah Chrestiansen; Mildred Stow, Rob Humble; Motor Inn Auto Group, Tyson Eggers and Kaitlyn Hansen; George Hess, Brandon Hanson.

Rotary Scholarship, Chad Prust and Beth Christensen; Employees Credit Union, Rachel Juhl and Kristi Juergens; Kiwanis Walter Hammer Scholarship, Chad Prust and Matt Gruhlke; John Sawyer Memorial Scholarship, Alex Baruth; Green Plains Grain Co., Sarah Chrestiansen; Emmet County Farm Bureau, Heather Enerson; National Tractor Parts Dealer Association, Chad Prust.

Iowa Lakes Electric, Caleb Caboth and Sarah Chrestiansen; Watowan Farm Service, Tracy Fay; Miss Shamrock, Tracy Fay; State Line Coop, Brian Rosburg; Sam Walton Community,Sarah Chrestiansen; Polaris, Rob Humble; Mediacom, Rob Humble.

Knights of Columbus, Rob Humble, Sarah Chrestiansen, Landra Lapka, Chad Prust and Brandon Hanson; North Star Masonic Lodge, Alex Baruth and Beth Christensen; United Methodist Women, Adam Mustard and Beau Mueller; Andy Hoffman Memorial, .

Emmet County Sesquicentennial (ISU), Kaitlyn Hansen; Bank Plus Award, Chris Blinkmann and Halli Winter; 4-H Foundation Scholarship, Kyle Anderson, Sarah Chrestiansen, Heather Enerson, Justin Garrelts, Adam Mustard, Brian Rosburg and Hana Schroeder; Christina Hixson, Kaitlyn Hansen; Al Limberg/Booster Club, Kristi Juergens and Brandon Hanson; United Food and Commercial Workers Local P79, Adam Mustard.

As always, Iowa Lakes Community College provided numerous scholarships to ELC graduates including: Albee Memorial, Hana Schroeder; Alumni, Christa Clayton and Joe Erickson; Louise Broadie Memorial, Taylor Pluth; Ronald O. Brown, Chris Blinkmann and Taylor Pluth.

Other Iowa Lakes scholarships included: Cass Yackle, Jaimie Furnish; Raymond Hasbrook, Chad Prust and Matthew Radig; Holiday Express, Chris Blinkmann, Elizabeth Christensen and Chad Prust; Larscheid Family Cross Country, Jaimie Furnish.

Iowa Lakes also announced these scholarship winners: Gene Leonard, Chris Blinkmann, Sarah Chrestiansen, Elizabeth Chrestiansen, Christa Clayton, Joe Erickson, Tracy Fay, Jaimie Furnish, Matthew Gruhlke, Brandon Hanson, Noelle Hecht, Brittany Krekow, Landra Lapka, Adam Mustard, Malissa Origer, Seth Origer, Amber Sandvig and Hana Schroeder.

Iowa Lakes awarded Presidential Scholarships to Tracy Fay, Sabrina Jurrens and Malissa Origer; River Valley Telecommunications Coop, Tracy Fay; Clyde and Grace Sanborn, Christa Clayton, Tracy Fay, Brittany Funston, Jaimie Furnish; Matthew Gruhlke, Danielle Hand; Brandon Hanson, Noelle Hecht, Brittany Krekow, Dane Ross, Amber Sandvig, Alex Baruth ad Chris Blinkmann.

Tech Prep Scholarships were presented by Iowa Lakes to: Joe Erickson, Justin Garrelts, Tom Markeson, Taylor Pluth, Chad Prust, Mat Radig, Brian Rosburg and Tyler Sator; We Believe In Us Career Academy Scholarships were presented to Taylor Pluth and Chad Prust.

Guy W. Webber Trust Scholarships were presented to Brandon Hanson and Malissa Origer.

Tracy Fay, Brittany Funston, Jaimie Furnish, Matt Gruhlke, Brittany Krekow, Seth Origer, Chad Prust, Matthew Radig, Dane Ross, Amber Sandvig and Hana Schroeder were the recipients of the Stanley O. and Alma Young Scholarships at Iowa Lakes.

Iowa Lakes has created a new institutional scholarships for those graduating seniors who have accumulated 12 or less credits at the college. This year’s College Prep Scholars are: Kyle Anderson, Melanie Bandow, Courtney Bruns, Amanda Christensen, Tracy Fay, Brittney Funston, Brandon Hanson, Spencer Heywood, Collin Klingbeil, Jim Mohler, Cassidy Montgomery, Dane Ross, Amber Sandvig, Marcus Stangl, Michelle Wedebrand, Brenna Wegner and Cortney Weir.

Students who were awarded scholarships from other colleges and universities were: Kali Kaltved, La James International; Erin Beardsley and Joe Woodward, Drake; Heather Enerson, Dordt; Kristi Juergens and Malissa Origer, University of Northern Iowa; Robert Humble, University of Iowa; Landra Lapka, University of South Dakota; Kaitlyn Hansen, Iowa State University; Halli Winter, Augsburg; Kyle Anderson and Spenser Schichtl, South Dakota State University; and Caleb Caboth, Morningside.

Attendance awards were given to: Phil Leffel, Brian Rosburg, Collin Klingbeil, Travis Kilpatrick, Seth Origer and Sarah Chrestiansen.

Departmental awards were presented to Joe Woodward, English; Kaitlyn Hansen, mathematics; Erin Webb, Social Studies; Joe Woodward and Robert Humble, science.

The saluatorian award was bestowed upon Courtney Bruns with a grade point average of 3.952 while Sarah Chrestiansen, with a 3.962 gpa, earned the honor of class valedictorian and was recognized by the Des Moines Register with a certificate.

Commencement exercises for the ELC HS Class of 2008 will begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 18 in the high school gymnasium.