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Emergency Medical Services Week

By Staff | May 17, 2008

This is the 35th Annual National EMS Week. The theme this year is – “EMS: Your Life is Our Mission.”

Iowa has, nearly 13,000 certified EMS providers who are dedicated to saving lives, providing comfort and care by responding 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Annually, Iowa EMS providers respond to over 240,000 calls for assistance from the public. This past year volunteers from Estherville Ambulance Service responded to 516 calls.

Of these, 212 were emergencies, 161 non-emergencies, and 143 were patient transfers from the local hospital to another hospital. The ambulance service traveled 39,008 miles providing care to area patients.

During the same period, hundreds of hours of community service were provided. This included countywide drills, CPR and first aid training with ELC students and CPR training to employees of the city, county, and the general public, also medical coverage for sporting events and other community events.

The volunteers who make up the Estherville Ambulance Service are a dedicated group whose only interest is the community’s well being. Fulfilling the emergency medical needs of area citizens has been a full-time job for Gene Haukoos NREMT-P, PS, Fire Fighter One and Ambulance Supervisor.

EMS providers are Iowa’s critical link in providing emergency health care to the citizens and visitors.

Here are the EMS personnel who volunteer their time and skills to serve our community: Dale Baruth, EMT-B; Cole Beardsley, EMT-PS; Jay Chrestiansen, Driver; Richard Crees, EMT-I; Jerimiah Depyper, EMT-B; Miranda Depyper, PS; Travis Fisher, EMT-B; Rick Haase EMT-FR; Avis Haukoos, EMT-B; Jeff Kautz, EMT-B.

Jeremy Korver EMT-B; Pablo Leal, Driver; Lisa Lowe, EMT-B; Joseph Lybarger, EMT-B; Jeff Merrill, EMT-B; Mark More, EMT-B; Jamey Parker, EMT-B; Matt Reineke, EMT-B; Tracy Richard ,EMT-B. Kevin Pernick, EMT-B.

Travis Sheridan, Driver; Whitney Shupe, EMT-B; Steve Smith, PS; James Tendal, EMT-B; and Blaine Ukasick, EMT-I.

The Emergency Medical Services of Emmet County have formed a countywide collation made of the Armstrong, Estherville, Ringsted Ambulance services, Wallingford First Responders, Emmet County Emergency Management Services, Emmet County Public Health, Avera Holy Family, Iowa Lakes Community College, area Law Enforcement, fire, local and county governments.

With meetings every other month they plan, train, drill; work on grants and any other countywide issues of safety, care, protection. This one of only a handful of counties in Iowa that has this type of countywide team.

The Estherville Ambulance Service celebrates 55 years of service to the community and with the continued support, insight and leadership of community leaders such as the Emmet County Board of Supervisors, Estherville City Council and the city administrator along with a motivated volunteer staff, the Estherville Ambulance Service has been able to continue upgrading the emergency medical care of area citizens.

Haukoos said, “Here’s a special thank you to the police, sheriff, fire, public health and emergency management departments for their help in the past year. I would like to thank the doctors, nurses and support staff at Avera Holy Family, also Dr. Creech for volunteering to be our medical director. With his guidance we will continue to provide quality care to our patients.”

He continued, “Beginning this fall, Iowa Lakes Community College is providing a Paramedic Science Program. First you become an EMT-B and then pathways are provided to the National EMT-I (Iowa EMT-P) and National EMT-P (Iowa EMT-PS). The next EMT-B class will start August 2008.”