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Getting closer to nature

By Staff | May 21, 2008

Miguel Duarte, D’Andre Ehlert, Kylee Heinrichs, Andrea Diaz, Blake Miller, Juan Diaz, Nick Egeland, Morgan Dostal, Brianna Fix, and Maggie Rezac were fascinated by this fur shown by volunteer Sarah Subbert. EDN photos by Michael Tidemann

Can you think of anything better for a first-grader to do on a warm, summer day than to go outside and learn about nature firsthand?

That’s what Estherville Lincoln Central first-graders did Monday when they broke away from their cabin fever and went to Wolden Campground and the Emmet County Nature Center at High Lake.

Everyone sat down to a sack lunch which was just enough to fill them up but not enough to make them sleepy.

Sarah Subbert, a recent graduate from the Iowa Lakes Community College environmental studies program who is going on to study earth science at the University of Northern Iowa, directed first-graders in a recycling exercise, with an emphasis on exercise. They had to run through a slalom, pick up a recyclable item, and figure out on which rug to place it. It got a little tricky, because they had to read the bottom to find the number then place the container in the right spot.

First-graders toured the new Nature Center, too, and they were pretty wowed by all the wildlife exhibits. Coyotes, and wolves, and bears, oh my!

Jason Peta, Connor Strenge, Chaz Berge, Clayton Greig, and Ramon Castillo really enjoyed the wooden train at Wolden Campground.

Naturalist Anita Fisher talked about trees and everyone had the chance to see a lot of the neat things outdoors.

Volunteers Dennis and Belva Henrickson brought along their binoculars for a little bird-watching.

There were plenty of birds to watch, too, with a lot of different species still migrating.

Teachers on the field trip included Carol Solberg, Kathy Foster, Anna Fiene, Anne Peters, and Margaret Evans.