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Supervisors OK P-12 traffic study

By Staff | May 22, 2008

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a traffic study with an eye toward lowering the speed limit on County P-12 at the north edge of Armstrong.

Troy Dreyer appeared before the board to request a speed reduction. Dreyer said P-12 was the only road in Armstrong without a speed limit. County P-12 extends north from St. Mary’s Catholic Church. “I’ve seen cars go around that street corner on two wheels,” said Dreyer, who lives near the corner of P-12 and the first city intersection.

Dreyer asked that the supervisors reduce the speed from the current 55 to 35 on the last half mile before the church. He said Armstrong Police Chief Craig Merrill would enforce the reduced limit.

“I don’t think there would be a problem with it,” said Supervisor Jim Jenson.

County Engineer Roger Patocka said a traffic study would be required before reducing the speed limit. Factors to consider would be congestion, the number of driveways and homes, and the number of stop signs along the road.

Patocka said he would complete the study within the next few weeks.

In other business, the board approved a liquor license renewal for the Elks Lodge.

The board also approved replacing windows on the Courthouse above the law center roof at a cost of $2,950. The windows needed to be replaced because the new roof on the law center was raised to improve drainage.

The board approved a utility permit for Iowa Lakes Electric Co-op in Sections 5-6 of Center Township.

In his road report, Patocka touched on drainage issues and said crews were hauling gravel and blading. Patocka also said he was inventorying frost heaves throughout the county.

“I don’t see where we’re going to gain anything by having them inventoried,” said Jenson.

Patocka said he felt it was important to inventory the frost heaves to prioritize road work. “It’s been unusually bad this year,” Patocka said. “It has to do with drainage.”