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Caregivers need breaks too

By Staff | May 24, 2008

If anyone deserves a break, it’s this extraordinary person who takes the precious time to care for a loved one who suffers from memory loss.

Plans are under way to create a local core group of trained volunteers who would be respite care providers to assist the caregiver.

“We are trying to find 10 to 12 volunteers who are interested in being respite care providers,” said Dawn Stock, local facilitator. “There are many primary care providers who could use occasional breaks to tend to their own needs like keeping personal appointments, running errands, visiting with friends, etc.”

Stock coordinates the Memory Loss Support Group which meets the first Monday of every month at Parkview Terrace. “Persons who are dealing with memory loss that is affecting a parent or spouse meet to discuss various situations and share what has worked for them when dealing with this multi-faceted problem.”

It has been proven the caregiver at any time may feel:

n Sad.

n Stressed and strained.

n Anxious.

n Angry.

n Guilty.

n Frustrated.

“It is important for caregivers to have down time to stay healthy,” Stock said. “They need to have time to celebrate the positive things.”

Stock said respite care helps lessen the strain of around-the-clock task of giving care. The individual or families are matched with a trained volunteer who provides companionship and care in the home.

“The caregivers are given the opportunity to work, rest, relax or pursue personal interests.”

Anyone who is interested in becoming a respite care volunteer should call Stock at 712-362-4743. Persons needing more information on attending the Memory Loss Support Group meetings can also contact her. Arrangements for supervised care of loved ones during these sessions are possible when reservations are phoned in to Stock.