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Tigges updates board on senior trip, assessment

By Staff | May 30, 2008

ARMSTRONG — A good time was had by all. That could very well be the thesis of the trip that nearly half of Armstrong-Ringsted seniors took to Florida in early May.

Guidance counselor Sandy Tigges reported to the board on the trip which included the Disney YES Leadership Program, EPCOT Center, Hollywood Studios, and other activities.

Tigges thanked the board for allowing the seniors to go on the trip. She said many parents commented positively and that there was no need to worry about any of the students’ behavior.

Seniors made the entire trip, including airfare, for $400. Tigges said a total of 18 seniors went on the trip.

Board President Rod Foster and board member Howard Taylor chaperoned the trip. Foster said the students did very well and enjoyed themselves.

In her assessment report, Tigges reviewed the significance and purposes for assessing students. Test results are stored at a secure on-line location to prevent the needless accumulation of storage data.

Tigges said test data is used for the adequate yearly progress report and the annual progress report. The adequate yearly program report measures performance in 3-5 math, 3-5 reading, 6-8 math, 6-8 reading, and grade 11 math and reading.