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Avera hosts Women’s Happy Health Hour

By Staff | Jun 3, 2008

Women came together for the first-ever Women’s Happy Health Hour on May 29 at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Estherville.

Sponsored by Avera Holy Family Health, the event attracted a crowd for the opportunity to listen to two speakers.

“Choosing the Right Shoe” was presented by Dr. Mindi Feilmeier. The podiatrist said with the proper fit, shoes are actually supposed to help the feet work better.

She said as the foot strikes the ground with each step, the force of the motion travels up to the back. “Most feet need extra support.”

A diagram showed shoe anatomy including the outer sole, mid sole, inner sole and heel counter. The outer sole provides traction and stability while the mid sole offers cushioning, stability.

“If the shoe bends in the middle it is not a good choice,” she said. The heel counter is very important for shoe life.

Feilmeier said a stable shoe reduces ligament, joint and muscle stress as it cushions pressure points.

When purchasing shoes, the consumer should make sure the shoes are made of good quality materials and include a solid outer sole where the mid sole does not bend and there is no flex is the heel counter.

She said it is important to match the shoe to the activity. Going into some detail, she said shoes can be professionally modified to perform better. Orthoticscan help the foot function better.

The second speaker was was Dr. Jane O. Gaetze who described Menopause: Hot or Hotter. Outlined were pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy at the onset of menopause. While there have been some issues with HRT, the medical world continues to reassess the studies. She said some women have restarted the therapy while others did not. “Some are now paying the price. You need to find out what is the most comfortable for you.”

Hormonal therapy may keep osteoporosis at bay and is another consideration point to be discussed with a doctor.

Another place to check into is the family tree. “How about your mother’s bones? Did your mother shrink?”

She urged the importance of maintaining healthy bodies by paying attention to diet, exercise, vitamins, habits, education, work activities, teaching/loving children, paying attention to families and limiting the number of sex partners.