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More weather worries

By Staff | Jun 4, 2008

Frightful weather belongs in a holiday song in the middle of winter.

This is Iowa, however, at the tail-end of spring, and several of the severe storms have been scary.

Terry Reekers, Emergency Management coordinator for Emmet County, said Tuesday there is the potential for 4-6 inches of rain up through Friday for the Des Moines weather area including Emmet County.

“The most we will see is 1 to 2 inches but the potential is there for 4-6 inches.”

Meteorologists are labeling this situation as more of a hydrological issue than extreme weather conditions because the the ground is saturated due to the recent rains.

Flooding and flash flooding could occur and conditions are prevalent in the area of Iowa south of Highway 20.

Reekers was in the Ringsted vicinity Tuesday and observed huge puddles standing in farm fields.

He cautioned other weather is possible including large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes the rest of this week.

The storm early Tuesday morning dumped approximately 1.58 inches of rain locally in over three hours.

“The river at present is at 6 feet and flood stage is 7 feet. School Creek is running at a rapid pace.”

Reekers anticipates flash flooding to occur into the weekend due to ground saturation in Emmet County.

“The National Weather Service is guaranteeing watches and warnings between now and Friday. We will have a two-day break before another system moves into the area next week. We are stuck in a pattern; there’s no doubt. The jet stream is over Iowa and the storms follow the jet stream,” he said.