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Local races draw out voters

By Staff | Jun 5, 2008

A unofficial total of 1,908 voters exercised the patriotic privilege Tuesday and cast either a Democratic and Republican ballot for Iowa’s Primary in Emmet County.

Of those ballots cast, whether at the polls or by absentee ballot, 1,682 selected the Democratic ballot while 226 Republican ballotss were tallied.

In local county races, the unofficial outcome with 12 precincts reporting were as follows:


Mikki Erickson, 690

Tammy Lair, 675

Michelle Howing, 246.

There were no declared Republican candidates in the auditor’s race.


Mike Martens, 969

Brent Shatto, 683


Gene Haukoos, 172

There were three Democrats and two Republicans seeking positions on the Emmet County Board of Supervisors. All five will advance to the General Election ballot in November.


Roger E. Anderson, 1,017

Bev Juhl, 1,207

Alan Madden, 1,046


Randy Beaver, 178

Tim Schumacher, 133

Running unopposed on the Democratic ticket for State Representative District 7 is Marcella R. Frevert who garnered an unofficial tally of 1,312 votes.

Seeking the Republican nomination for the same seat is Deb Saturn. Also unopposed, she received 175 votes unofficially.

For the State Senate District 4 seat, incumbent Jack Kibbie faced no opposition and secured 1,356 unofficial votes. There will be no Republican challengers on the November ticket in this race.

The unofficial results in Emmet County show incumbent Tom Latham secured 209 votes on the GOP ticket for the United States Representative District 4 seat.

Four contenders on the Democratic ballot received the following unofficial vote count:

Becky Greenwald, 515

Kurt Meyer, 304

William J. Meyers, 222

Kevin Miskell, 83

On the Democratic ballot, incumbent United States Senator Tom Harkin received 1,345 votes.

Of the three Republicans looking to challenge the senator, Christopher Reed received 74 votes, Steve Rathje recived 52 and George S. Eichhorn received 47.

At the present time, election records show there are 7,463 voters registered within the county. That means a little more than one-quarter of eligible voters let their voices be heard.

The primary election results will not be finalized officially until Tuesday, June 10 when the county supervisors canvass the election totals at their regularly scheduled board meeting.