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Satern, Roberts address legislative issues

By Staff | Jun 18, 2008

In a media tour after her announcement for District 7 representative Tuesday, Debra Sattern of Estherville addressed a number of issues she sees of interest to area voters.

The District 7 House seat is currently held by Marcie Frevert (D) of Emmetsburg.

Satern was accompanied on her tour by state Sen. Rod Roberts of Carroll, chair of the Administration and Rules Committee and member of the Appropriation, Education, Human Resources, and State Government committees.

Satern, co-owner of Satern Custom Machining Inc. with her husband, Steven, since 1977, said she wants to examine the whole business environment in Iowa to help create more jobs for small-town Iowa.

Satern noted the business she owns with her husband is not dependent on the local economy but that benefits the economy locally. She said similar businesses that can exist independently could be recruited to come to Iowa.

Satern promotes education as lifelong learning and says the state needs to ensure that children have the opportunity to compete in the workplace.

“I’m a strong believer in the community college,” Satern said. “It enhances our community.”

Satern also hopes to address the issue of Highway 9 improvements, particularly since the highway is important to attract business and industry to the area. “With state revenues at an all-time high we should be able to take care of those things,” Satern said.

Roberts noted the TIME 21 (Transportation Investment Moves the Economy in the 21st Century) fund the Iowa Legislature stated two years ago. The fund was started to help cover an anticipated $4 billion shortfall in state road repair funds. With record growth in state revenues, said Roberts, “We’re literally awash in money” and the state should be able to cover infrastructure repairs such as Highway 9.

Roberts underscored the fact that Iowa House leadership is glad to have Satern as a candidate.

“We’re excited about Deb’s candidacy,” Roberts said. “Deb exemplifies a very fine candidate.”

Roberts said House Republicans tried to get a bonus depreciation to tie in with the economic stimulus package and help spur job growth. However, he said Democrats defeated that legislation.

Roberts also said Democrats in the Legislature also wanted to make sweeping changes in Chapter 20, the collective bargaining law, but that Gov. Chet Culver vetoed the legislation.

Roberts said he also hopes that Satern is elected to help protect the state’s right-to-work statutes.

Satern reiterated her previous support for legislation outlined in House File 2613, otherwise known as the right-to-carry law. She said the legislation would have provided unified training for those applying for concealed weapons permits and that county sheriffs would have to give a reason not to issue permits.

“I do believe that someone needs to give a reason,” Stern said.

Satern maintains that she will think through every problem she faces if elected.

“We need to have somebody who will look at things and be a critical thinker,” Satern said.