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Bad guys beware: EPD has the best

By Staff | Jun 19, 2008

Estherville Police Department Captain Brent Shatto with a modified M-16 featuring a barrel made by Steve Satern of Stern Custom Machining, Inc. At center is Deb Satern presenting the barrel and at right is EPD Chief of Police Eric Milburn. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

If there was ever any doubt, there isn’t now.

The Estherville Police Department has the best ordinance available, thanks to Satern Custom Machining, Inc., which is giving five custom barrels to the department for tactical deployment.

On Wednesday, Steve and Deb Satern presented the department with a .223 barrel fitted on a tactically modified M-16. The department obtained that and four other military surplus M-16s from the Defense Logistics Agency. Steve Satern will be donating another three .223 barrels and a .50 caliber Beowulf barrel later. Satern Machining is the only authorized vendor manufacturer for the Boewulf barrel patented by Alexander Arms.

Each of the .223 barrels is valued at $800.

Satern barrels are in high demand by the military because their accuracy is unparalleled. A trophy-winning marksman himself, Satern said military marksmen using his barrels continually walk away with competitive shooting awards. The .223 barrel Satern makes consistently shoots a tight group at 300 yards, even in modified tactical weapons designed for close range.

The Beowulf barrel is specially designed for building entry. Military units in Iraq often use weapons with a Beowulf .50-caliber barrel to stop al Qaida vehicles. “One round stops it cold,” Satern said.

The same goes for building entry. Police Chief Eric Milburn said one round from the Beowulf will open just about any door. Bodily armor is ineffective against the round.

“We’re pretty proud of the job our police department does and the HEAT team,” Deb Satern said of the High Risk Entry and Arrest Team.

“It’s just our way of helping them out,” Steve said.

Milburn noted that Satern barrels are known for their high quality control.

Steve also teaches through the Civilian Marksmanship Program where members of the military learn basic marksmanship.

“You actually have someone who has the skill along with the working knowledge to make a great product,” Deb observed.

“It’s something we definitely can use,” Milburn said.